Tues, March 2, 2010, Duggars Underwater

The Duggars are under water taking a trip to see the USS Razorback submarine. Meanwhile back home, John David and Joseph are left to fix a major water leak at one of Jim Bob's rental properties and progress continues for the newest Duggar, Josie.

30 minutes


babysteps said...

I wonder if the kids have to write reports on their field trips. I would love to see them standing up in front of the family reciting their reports.

I think they are kind of teasing the kids by taking them on all these field trips. None of them are going to do anything beyond car sales, towing, real estate, politics, and chasing babies. Why get their hopes up? I hope I'm wrong.

Beedageeda said...

I wonder if John David and Joseph have their own film crew following them or if one of the boys or probably Josh called up Sean and said to come with a camera "right quick" to see a water leak and possible heroics.

Deanna said...

I thought all these TLC funded field trips would end, now that they were in LR with a critically ill daughter/sister in the NICU. Apparently, TLC continues to rule their lives, and will continue to send them on these inane trips, which are actually really, really boring.

Actually, I don't think the list of accomplishments, if you want to call them that, listed by the first poster is anything to sneeze at. It's ok to me.

The problem is that there is an utter lack of education involved for every member of that family (and no interest in the pursuit of one either). Even people who end up as SAHMs or working in car sales, etc., often have the benefit of education beyond age 16 at the dining room table. They have had a richness of experience beyond living at home and never interacting with people besides your family and people your father has deemed appropriate (ie. other fundamentalist Gothardites at ATI conventions). The Duggar children have had nothing of the sort, either in terms of education or experiences.

So, it isn't the jobs in the Duggar children's futures, per se, but the total lack of education and experiences that bothers me more.

babysteps said...

"That's a pretty daunting list of accomplishments... If any of the Duggar kids grow up and achieve all that, they will have done something. Or even a combined list of accomplishments for one family - that would be fairly impressive."

That was impressive for Jim Bob who has done all those things but not when it's forced on his kids. They have no free will except to follow in daddy's footsteps. The "American Dream" is that we have the choice to be who we want to be. The Duggar kids don't seem to have that choice.

As for the field trips, who says TLC is funding the submarine trip? The family has gone on field trips for many, many years even before TLC came into their lives.

Anonymous said...

The Duggars may have taken field trips in the past but it is pretty common knowledge now, especially with what happened with the other TLC family, that TLC pays for and arranges these "field trips".

Laura said...

Wait, they moved the entire family to Little Rock, just to rush off on a trip?! Something sounds incongruous there!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the place will be rented out to them.

Anonymous said...

It would be ok, I guess, if the kids had chosen something like car sales, towing, real estate, politics, or raising a bunch of kids.

But I think babysteps' whole point was that those things are what they are limited to, period.

I'm not even sure I would have made the list as expansive as all that.

If any of those kids have any passion or desire or ability in a direction other than those, well, too bad. It's not going to happen. Not only because they are limited by their dad's wishes, but because he has made sure they are limited by their own lack of education.

These "field trips" funded by TLC are certainly disingenuous, but they will be the only chance any of these kids will have to do such things.

Attention from the public is fleeting. The time will come, sooner rather than later, when people just aren't all that interested in seeing how many babies the Duggars can have. Or what goes on in their lives. For most people, what little curiosity they had has been long since satisfied. What happens then? The show ends. Financially I'm sure JB will have socked enough away to raise up the last of the 20-25 kids they end up having, but it's those kids I feel for. The youngest ones won't even remember much about the salad days. And none of them will have been prepared, to go back to my original point, for much of a life outside of what has already been chosen and dictated for them.

Anonymous said...

I think Jim Bob should sell that bus and use the money towards a live in nanny or two. The savings from the gas alone could get them a cook as well. The girls can go off to college or jobs outside the house and live a little before settling down.

Oh and I believe the submarine trip was local and in town (Little Rock). Many of the Duggar trips are free or low cost like to the fire station, ostrich farm, apple picking, etc. I don't think they are taking advantage of TLC like Kate Gosselin did by going on trips to an out of state ranch or an expensive beach island resort.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that TLC is wandering around Bates' country. The question is, will there be another 'Giant Family" TV show, or is there a courtship in the making? The bigger question is, do any of us really care?

Kurt said...

I wonder how many girls John and Joe are bringing home now that they have some time and space to themselves. With the relative 'fame' of being a Duggar and the implied modesty and morality of these boys; it would be really easy for them to pull some serious tail with the girls all gone...

B said...

It's pretty obvious these "field trips" are TLC funded/based. I know the family did things before but I guarantee it wasn't to the extent that they're doing now. The blatant product placement has become tiresome as well (Swiffers and Scrubbing Bubbles anyone?)

And I'm sorry but there is no way Michelle is adequately educating all those kids when you have such a variety of ages and learning levels. I'm not against home schooling, but there are some skills you just can't learn off of a computer, for example group work, participating in class discussions, interacting with peers you like and don't like, facing deadlines etc. Based on what we've seen the Duggars school routine is very disjointed and chaotic.

And although I tend to be critical of Jim Bob I have to admit he appears to be the more nurturing parent. You'll always see him holding a baby or being affectionate but I very rarely see Michelle showing any affection to her children.

Laura said...

"Oh and I believe the submarine trip was local and in town (Little Rock)."

Ah! That makes more sense. You are right! It's in NLR and I could understand them wanting to get out of the house a bit. Something still feels off a bit, though. If they are going to do business as usual, why move the entire family? I guess that's what it is. But I could see how that's something that you might just have to be in their shoes to understand.

Anonymous said...

The Duggars have taken many trips thanks to TLC. They have been to New York City, trip to Kleinfelds for a free gown, Washington DC. Biltmore Estate, Dollywood (and even though TLC may have not paid for that beautiful lodge they stayed in it woudln't surprise me if TLC had something to do with arranging it). They have been to hockey games, with Jim Bob and Michelle riding on the Zamboni waving like royalty around the rink. They get box seats to all the sporting events they have been to and special backstage treatment with meeting the mascots etc. Sure sounds like the other family that once was on TLC.

They may not be going to the same places, lets face it the Duggars would never go to a beach, too much Nike there, but they are benefiting very much with trips and things they wouldn't have done without TLC.

I can't remember which girl it was that said they have been able to do so many things they never would have been able to if they hadn't done the show.

Anonymous said...

I have wondered if the reason for moving the family to Little Rock was more of a convenience for filming than all being close to Josie. Where Josie is now the kids can't see her anyway.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying my best not to be judgmental, and I do share a lot of the Duggars' beliefs. However, there's something I just can't come to terms with. Everyone copes in their own ways, and I understand that. Especially with 18 other children in the mix and Josie's hospitalization lasting as long as it has, there's a point where an effort has to be made to keep things as normal as possible for the rest of the kids. Although I understand that, I have trouble understanding how the family can proceed with these field trips, and after having watched a couple recent episodes, something about JB and Michelle's attitude or demeanor just sickens me.
I had a very close friend in the ICU for a month, and although there's technically nothing that can be done and we all had to keep our sanity, I still wouldn't have felt like doing field trips, doing the ping pong picture for People Magazine, etc. Last night I watched two of our goldfish die (we tried our best and spent lots of money trying to save them!), and after seeing living beings struggle for life I felt depressed, traumatized and guilty and didn't feel like doing any of the things the Duggars are doing, and they were just goldfish! Again, I know we don't see everything and there's nothing the Duggars can do and they have to go on for the rest of their children, but I just get the impression that they don't fully grasp the magnitude of what Josie is going through. Death/the possibility of death (in Josie's case is not something to be taken likely, IMO. Throughout my friend's hospitalization and the goldfish incident, I was a complete wreck every time I looked. But maybe that's just me.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand what you are saying anonymous. My mother was rushed to the emergency room three weeks ago and was near death because of a bleeding ulcer. When we were sitting in the waiting room to find out what the cause of her internal bleeding was the last thing I would want would be to have cameras around filming my family and me. Then when she was in the ICU I just can't imagine again having cameras around to capture everything. My mom was upset that I posted updates to our friends and family on my facebook so when I found out I deleted them. There is no way she would have wanted cameras around and since Josie has no say about the cameras I just feel it is wrong for them to film her. Just because she is a newborn shouldn't change that she should have privacy.

I don't know why Jim Bob and Michelle wants such personal moments captured and shared with the world to see. It just borders on narcism.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if the Duggars are breaking any laws since there are no laws about reality family children filming etc.

For some reason the Duggars seem to get a pass by many people where the Gosselins were not. I really think this is going to come back to bite them, and really already has since the tabloids are starting to talk about them.

I like the Duggars said...

"Especially with 18 other children in the mix and Josie's hospitalization lasting as long as it has, there's a point where an effort has to be made to keep things as normal as possible for the rest of the kids. Although I understand that, I have trouble understanding how the family can proceed with these field trips, and after having watched a couple recent episodes, something about JB and Michelle's attitude or demeanor just sickens me."

I don't know if the original poster had children or not, but that is the difference to me... you go on and make life as normal as possible FOR THE CHILDREN. For the little ones, the trauma of Josie's birth was having Mom away and then going to the see the baby while everyone got emotional. Done. That's it. What's for lunch, and where are my Tinker Toys???

Forcing them to carry the grief that we as parents feel is cruel and damaging. Of COURSE the parents are going to play, and smile, and take them on trips as much as possible, even if it is a struggle because of the worry they have for Josie. It's the kind of self-sacrificial thing we as parents do every day and, speaking for myself, something I don't think I had the capacity to do, until I had my children.

Nothing unusual here... they are doing the right thing.

I like the Duggars said...

"The Duggars said it themselves last week that they were on the road so much this past year living out of the bus. They couldn't be doing their computer courses from the bus."

The SOS program they use is self-contained and uses DVDs, so yes, they would certainly be able to do it from the bus.

Also, any courses they were taking through the Internet would be easily accessible from anyplace with a wi-fi connection when they stopped.

And as every teacher knows, actually visiting a location results in FAR better learning and retention than sitting at the same desk day after day and reading about said locations from a book. Sounds to me like the Duggars may have learned even more than usual by being on the road so much.

Anonymous said...

It strikes me that these so-called educational trips make very little impression on the kids - particularly the little ones - and are therefore hardly educational.

The kids never seem engaged during these experiences. There blank, expressions and wandering eyes belie their utter lack of interest. They also NEVER ask questions. It all seems to flow right past without a trace.

I hope each one has a library card and is allowed to use it. But JB has probably warned them, "there be dragons (and intellectual growth) there," so maybe not.

Anonymous said...

I was the OP who left the comment about JB and Michelle not seeming to take Josie's situation seriously. Carrying on for the sake of the children is a VERY good point, and I definitely sympathize with that. In that respect, I do believe they are doing the right thing. What rubbed me the wrong way wasn't only the field trips or activities. I agree that those shouldn't stop for the kids just because of a stressful situation. BUT, even when we saw shots of JB and/or Michelle alone with Josie, I still didn't get the feeling that they took the situation as seriously as I wish they did. I hope they are and that we just aren't seeing it. I'm not wanting them to be depressed or feel guilty or anything, but I just don't think this is a happy occasion in ANY way until Josie is out of the woods. It just goes back to JB's cavalier, goofy smile and attitude about everything that makes me think they aren't totally feeling Josie's suffering the way most parents would be.

Anonymous said...

Little kids don't need to go on trips to keep things normal. Just being in their own surroundings and on their own schedule is what is normal and best for little kids.

I agree that younger kids don't seem to be getting much out of the trips either. Most of the times a trip is something special but if you do it constantly for a weekly show then it ends up being boring.

Laura said...

Anonymous 11:50, I think you hit the nail on the head for why it bothers me. It does seem *on camera* anyways that they are very cavalier about every consequence of their decisions.

I know some people who just so happened to land in the NICU at UAMS for pre-eclampsia 5 days after the Duggars did. I think she was 2-3 weeks farther along than Michelle, but still very fragile and "we don't know if she'll survive" kind of thing. I noticed the same cavalier attitude in people who posted on their Facebook wall, but not in the parents themselves. They are very concerned and caring, and spend as much time they possibly can with their preemie. They were also not allowed to have a lot of family in there the way the Duggars were, so the Duggars while being cavalier about so much also get the rules broken for them so much. It's that attitude of entitlement and magical thinking that bothers me so greatly. It seems as if they are playing for the cameras with some of the concern (not all). It somehow seems so not genuine. I understand that's a judgment on my part, so I am not accusing them of acting. Just saying that it seems that way, and the field trips don't help me see I'm wrong.

Normalcy is one thing, but normalcy is staying in a routine, not constantly interrupting it for field trips.

Celestie said...

actually visiting a location results in FAR better learning and retention than sitting at the same desk day after day and reading about said locations from a book.

And from visiting Dollywood, they learned what????

The older children seem to spend most of these visits taking care of the younger children, so I don't think they are getting a chance to explore and learn. .

I'm a great believer in taking children to interesting places, but you have to help them intake and translate what they are seeing. The age spread is so wide, it would take some real investment by the parents to do this. Ma and Pa are usually walking ahead smooching.
At the Biltmore House, JB didn't even know who the Vanderbilts were, or what they had contributed to our history. Again, an example of the uneducated teaching their children.

I'm sure the kids came away from that visit, having seen a really big house, but nothing else.

Going to New York to see a wedding dress shop? What is the educational value there.

(If i were one of the brides there, trying to have a memorable day with mom and bridesmaids, i would have been upset to have little kids running amouk.)

me, just me said...

I really have to wonder if it's better that Josie stay in the NICU until she's as strong as humanly possible.

Michelle and Jim Bob have given *me personally* no reason to believe that this baby will escape being passed to a buddy or toted around a house full of kids who could have or be carrying some sort of illness.

Such a tiny baby with such a compromised immune system isn't going to do well with field trips, visits from other large families and tons of staff from TLC.

I do hope that these field trips are a last hoorah on the field trip front until Josie gets bigger and healthier. But I'm not holding my breath.

I like the Duggars said...

"It seems as if they are playing for the cameras with some of the concern (not all). It somehow seems so not genuine. I understand that's a judgment on my part, so I am not accusing them of acting."

Yeah, I wonder if some of the weird feeling we get is the result of them doing more than one take. They AREN'T actors, so having to describe something or show emotion over something multiple times as though it were the first time is going to come across as odd.

Also, I haven't seen this mentioned yet... as far as J&M filming every moment of the crisis and the birth, etc... I am sure JimBob had the show in mind, but I don't believe the filming was entirely for the show. It seems they film a LOT in the family, to show the kids things afterward that they weren't able to attend, or to document things like the birth. Many of the scenes in the hospital room, etc., seemed more like that, than TLC-prescribed scenes (though I wouldn't put it past them... ).

Anonymous said...

The producers obviously read the blogs. Josie has a smaller bow on her head, and they cut RIGHT to a shot of dolls sitting on the chair first thing when they showed the house, just like we'd all been talking about (dolls and toys).

SuzanneDeAZ said...

I am looking forward to seeing this episode.

Judy said...

I only flipped to 19 Kids and Counting once or twice tonight -- watching AI instead, wanted to see the baby. .and Jill (I think) said something like I like taking care of my siblings and cooking dinner, etc., etc because soemday I'll have a family of my own. . .I really think the older girls see this all as practice for when they have their own large families and probably don't see it as restrictive.

SteelMagnolia said...

You would think that the "school of the kitchen table" could AT LEAST teach how to prepare a BALANCED meal. In this episode, they were preparing "chili over noodles" (could the Hormel Chili product placement have been any more blatant?), mashed potatoes, corn, and "maybe green beans". Jeez! It doesn't take that much effort to throw a salad together. They even pre-wash the lettuce for you these days!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmm, something really may be up with Jana. She is usually the cook and tonight it seemed mostly Jill cooking. Maybe she's on vacation from her job. Everyone who works like those girls should get a paid vacation once in awhile.

duggarrgirls :) said...

I wonder if Jana is "courting" or wants to move on, and thinks its unfair that John(same age) doesnt need to cook, have a buddy etc. Or she just might just not being on tv.

I also think that the young boys picking the dropped food out the trash should of just been left in the trash. I also think they should done it over a plastic bag on the counter, so it doesnt drop into the dirty trash.

roddma said...

This may be nit picky but I thought the little boys playing with the potato peeler was kinda dangerous. My mother wouldnt let us anyhere near sharp objects at his age.He kept dropping it in the trash and never washed it off, yuck !

Anonymous said...

I think when boys under 10 or so. If wanna help in the kicthen, then have them do omthing simple. like cracking an egg or washing off cans etc.

I wonder of Jana and the older girls are sending food overnight to John and Joseph.

I just think the boys need to learn how to cook, what if there wife is out of town, or on bed rest etc... how will they cook?

Deanna said...

I caught the Hormel product placement. They must have shown those cans five times. And that meal sounded absolutely horrible. Why does anyone need all the sodium and preservatives in canned chili (when homemade chili is SO easy to make) on top of carbohydrate noodles AND THEN to serve mashed potatoes on top of that? It made no sense as a meal.

And why is Jill always doing everything? She is like the little mommy, constantly! Jana wasn't anywhere to be seen, and Jessa and Jinger mostly mill around.

I caught JoyAnna saying "Ain't". It doesn't help the Duggars reputation for weak or substandard education when their children speak in poor grammar or hillbilly English.

Again, lots of running around, including tearing around with the wagon outside (at least they were outside). Lucky no one was thrown out and hurt.

John David is very handy. He seems like a level headed young man, who has a good work ethic. I doubt his younger brothers will follow in his footsteps though, since nothing at all is expected of them.

Jordyn is adorable. She may be their cutest baby. I love her expressions.

The trip to the submarine seemed extraneous. The only one who seemed to get a thing out of that trip was Josiah.

DianeD said...

Interesting (especially since comments were raised in these posts) how they finally made a point to show the NICU nurse wearing gloves while handling Josie and then taking them off when finished. Well it's about time! As a member of the medical field, I'd cringe every time a nurse was shown performing a procedure (stomach tube, for one)with bare hands, where gloves would unquestionably be required.

SteelMagnolia said...

"John David is very handy. He seems like a level headed young man, who has a good work ethic. I doubt his younger brothers will follow in his footsteps though, since nothing at all is expected of them."

I, too, am impressed with John David. Such a refreshing change from "look at me - I'm so wonderful" Josh. JMO

Anonymous said...

Glad you said that about the gloves, DianeD. I could not believe that those nurses put in a feeding tube without gloves, and then let themselves be filmed doing it. Wow.

Anonymous said...

I also caught Joy-Anna's "aint." Along with the smaller bow on Josie's head, the the dolls on the chair, the nurses wearing gloves, the boys "helping" with food, and girls other than Jill talking, I also noticed that JB mentioned not getting to play outside as much because of all the "hazards." This also seemed like a deliberate attempt at addressing something the viewers wanted to see (safety precautions), although it didn't prove much. I also noticed that next week will show us more about their homeschooling schedule. It's crazy how many moments in this episode were things we've brought up on the blog. It just makes me wonder how the producers go about creating these shots. Do they tell the family there's been a problem? Is JB the savvy businessman in on the idea and aware of what people want to see to keep ratings going? If not, I just can't imagine how they could have convinced the family to place dolls on the chair like that or ask JB to mentioned "hazards" or do some of those other things.

Anonymous said...

On the submarine - did it look like Jana was busy texting someone?

Sharla said...

We've received complaints about the freewheeling topics introduced in this thread. Please remember this is an episode thread. Thank you.

kate_in_cali said...

Didn't someone say a on a different post that they were from the Duggar's area and that both Jana and John David were taking college courses and that's why they've been more absent from interviews/scenes?

Cyn said...

It's crazy how many moments in this episode were things we've brought up on the blog. It just makes me wonder how the producers go about creating these shots.

Or is it the actions were already being done, and filmed, but because of all of the various blogs (this isn't the only one that has issues with the Duggars) they are actually airing them.

Deanna said...

I think if either John David or Jana were going to classes, the parents would make a big deal out of it and show it on the show, if nothing else, to shut up the detractors who don't think they care about education.

JD is too busy doing all the maintenance work for his father. He has no time for college classes. I don't know where Jana has been,but she'd never be allowed to go to college classes alone, and her sisters have been home the whole time. She is the only one missing, so I doubt she is in college either.

Also, Gothard disallows women in his movement to go to college, even on-line. I sincerely doubt any of those Duggar girls will ever get any more education than age 16 at the dining room table.

And that sure ain't enough.

Ohio Buckeye said...

Didn't the Gosselins to visit a submarine, too?

I know the whole vow renewal thing was done with both the Gosselins and the Duggars though the Gosselins got a more exotic version.

Incredible coincidence that these 'realest' reality show families have the same basic travel agendas and episode themes.

Or TLC is scraping the barrel for new ideas for pretending to show us 'just another normal family day'.

Option B gets my vote, and this gives me a little hope actually, because it allows for the possibility that the characters on these reality shows may not actually be as mean spirited and/or dimwitted as presented on their TLC-scripted 'reality' shows.

Anonymous said...

Cyn - I'm the OP who brought up all of the things thrown in that we've mentioned on the blog. I wasn't suggesting that they didn't do these things before and that they went out and bought dolls or told the nurses in the NICU to put on gloves. I was suggesting exactly what you said - that they filmed these things because of the blogs. I just found it interesting how closely the producers actually follow the blogs.

abbey said...

Why was JB talking on his cell phone while in the NICU? Why was he not paying attention to Michelle and Josie?

Anonymous said...

It's crazy how many moments in this episode were things we've brought up on the blog. It just makes me wonder how the producers go about creating these shots.

Or is it the actions were already being done, and filmed, but because of all of the various blogs (this isn't the only one that has issues with the Duggars) they are actually airing them.

We need to remember this was taped when Josie was 39 days old, she is now 81 days old; Most of the posters comments were made after the taping was done so the last poster may be right, they were already taped but are just now being aired. Next weeks taping was done about the time of the People mag article as evidenced by Michelle holding her precious tiny baby kangaroo style. I wonder if we will know when Josie goes home or we have to wait until TLC shows it in an episode. We really don't even know how big she is at this point as the family hasn't given out any information lately other than when Michelle was helping with the hospital fund raiser. If she was two pounds twelve ounces 42 days ago one would expect that she might be well over four pounds by now on a steady diet of her mothers breast milk!

Anonymous said...

" Kurt said...
I wonder how many girls John and Joe are bringing home now that they have some time and space to themselves. With the relative 'fame' of being a Duggar and the implied modesty and morality of these boys; it would be really easy for them to pull some serious tail with the girls all gone..."

I don't think the guys would actually consider this at all. As they are openly professed Christians, they most likely believe sex is for marriage only and they would not consider taking advantage of a girl that way. At lease that's my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Joseph and John took down the Christmas decorations or maybe they called the girls to drive over 6 hours there and back to do it.

I'm wondering if the show is going to cover the kids birthdays in Dec. and Jan. There sure were a lot of them. Jordyn, Jinger, Jed, Jer, Jana, John, and Joseph. I hope the kids didn't have to sacrifice their birthdays for Josie.

kate_in_cali said...

As Jana and John David are over 18, I suspect that they resquested that the cameras not focus on their activities outside of the house. As participants of the family and their activities, fine. A lot goes on with the people of that family other than what we see, and though JB can stick his foot in his mouth quite a bit, I don't think he just blabbs all of the events that each and every child is involved with or not. Josh definitely wants to be shown. As an adult that is his choice. Jana and John D not so much and that is their choice too. I think that as loving parents JB & M respect that.

Deanna said...

I still contend that there is no way those older kids are in college. It is too frowned upon by their religious guru, and we know the Duggars are big Gothardites.

I concur that JD and Jana seem not to want the camera focusing on them, and that is great. But even though they are 20, Jana still can't go anywhere alone. That is just pathetic and sad.

spotted said...

I don't think those young adults are that well adjusted. Most people that age have a better grip on the world outside of their home. They heopfully have interactions with many outside of the comfort of their parents home, family and church.. Sorry, they seem stunted to me. Most 20+ that we know are much more independent than these... jmo...

I like the Duggars said...

"Sorry, they seem stunted to me. Most 20+ that we know are much more independent than these... "

I don't know... by 20 these kids are either running their own businesses, operating heavy machinery, traveling overseas and around the country to do mission work, serving the community as volunteer firemen, building homes, and managing all the "manly" chores around the house... OR, planning and cooking large meals on a daily basis, doing the shopping for a household of 20+, managing all the household responsibilities for a household of 20+, overseeing baby and childcare, teaching preschool and elementary children, giving musical performances, planning events, traveling overseas and around the country to do mission work, and managing all the "womanly" (ugh) chores around the house.

Seems like they could (if they wanted to / were allowed to) leave right now and manage better on their own than most 20-somethings I've known... including myself (if I am remembering correctly, it's been a LONG time...)

Anonymous said...

Jill is the most "Duggarfied" of all the kids. By the time those young hooligans grow up, I don't think there will be a Duggarfied one among them. They are too used to running around, not helping or doing chores, and just generally being a nuisance.

At least Jill, in her somewhat slow and plodding way, works extremely hard (too hard). She is probably the one Duggar who will be sure to have 20 kids too, if possible.

Something between the chaos of the younger kids and the roboticness of Jill and Jana would be a better balance for this family.

Anonymous said...

I think we're jumping to huge conclusions about what Jill does and doesn't think. I have an extended family member with exactly this kind of personality, pleasant, sweet, nice, hard workder, goes along with what everyone else thinks and wants. But, this is what she shows on the outside. She does have her own thoughts and opinions, and when she wants to go against the grain with something that's important to her, she darn well does. Jill strikes me as just this sort of person.

I don't think it's fair - at all - to call Jill slow, and say she doesn't have her own thoughts and is just spouting the party line. She's practically an adult and it is possible that she's a sweet person who happens to truly believe all that her parents have taught her, of her own free will.

Sharla said...

Please remember this an episode thread. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I just got around to watching this episode and I think

A) James & Justin in the interview portion was a hoot!
B) Girls clothing was flattering, not tight or immodest.
C) Ain't ain't a word but I cut her some slack. She's 12!
D) I wish Jill would take a cooking class. Fewer carbs might mean less hyper activity from the little ones.
E) John David has serious skills for a 20 year old.
F) I have a feeling they filmed the plumbing part and then "reinacted" the phone call.
G) Horray for Josie! I know it has to be torture not being able to hold and protect your child.
H) I loved how they cheered for Hannie when she came down the laddar - her own decision.
I) LOL when Johannah was banging the potato on the bar trying to " crack it open"!
J) Thinks when all is said and done, JB loves his children, provides for them, spends time with them, and is doing what he thinks is best for them. He may live to regret putting his children on tv or maybe he won't. He may walk away with enough money to set all his children and/or their spouses up in businesses.

Anonymous said...

The way this family is fed, one would have to expect hyperactivity. Imagine their blood sugar level alone, with all those carbs! The potatoes and noodles reminded me of the pancake/cinnamon bun breakfast.

I'd like to see some salad, fruit, veggies (not canned), and some none processed foods. With all those kids to help, they could have a terrific garden and some great meals. Some of us do that and we only have a couple kids helping, not an army!

Plus "real" food is SO much cheaper, and since Jim Bob is all about cheaper, he really should look at the junk that family eats, and consider some cheaper and healthier alternatives.

Anonymous said...

Yes, JB loves his children/family so much that he lets the most intimate moments in their lives be filmed to be shown in re-runs forever and ever. Doesn't seem like "love for his children" to me.

Cyn said...

I'd like to see some salad, fruit, veggies (not canned), and some none processed foods.

Have you seen most of the episodes?
I have seen the fresh fruit, veggies, and homemade breads. Considering the obesity problem that is sweeping the nation, the Duggars must be eating healthier than most of the nation, and definitely better than most in their state.

Depending on where you look the stats for obesity are staggering from 15%-25% of children aged 6-19 are considered obese, the numbers for those at risk of becoming obese are double that with another 30-45%. Arkansas is one of the highest ranked states for obesity (http://www.swivel.com/charts/2337-Childhood-Obesity-Rate-by-State)


None of the Duggar children currently living at home could even be considered over weight for their ages and or heights, much less obese. (Josh gained his along with his wife's pregnancy) I personally do not think the Duggars day to day diets are near as bad as some would like us to believe, or we would see the evidence in at least one of them, if not more.

One of the older girls is in weight watchers; for what I cannot figure out, skinny as she is, but it was stated that she was using the things she learned in the meetings, in the meal prep for the family. Most of the time we see them they are going on field trips, or doing something special... The few times we see them eating and they have no outings being filmed that day they are eating differently... That would tell me they are eating the 'junk' food for convenience, not as a matter of course.

The recipes posted on their site are again family favorites and not a menu plan either.

Captain Tucker said...

I would never plan a meal with can chili, pasta, mashed potatoes, corn, & "maybe" green beans! And just because someone is a healthy weight that doesn't mean that they are healthy. Even if you are in a hurry, you can do a much more balanced meal than that. I have seen them eat other meals that are just as unbalanced. I really like the Duggars, but I guess nutrition was not part of the homeschooling. And I grew up in a larger than average family, and we always had simple but balanced meals.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous 3/06/2010 9:31 PM. And really? Pasta. Potatoes. Corn. 3 starches in one meal? good Lord. Take it from someone who knows her grains. That is NOT a good idea. and since when do chili and potatoes or pasta go? How about Chili with beans, corn, rice and green beans??
And JD- I think he's been shunted sideways by Josh's obvious want of camera time. and I'm not sure which recent epi. it was, but Josh was being a real jerk to Anna. He was making fun of her haircutting skills/ homemaking skills. Like he could do a better job. But JD seems like a much nicer guy. And like he's got a better head on his shoulders even if he isn't in college.

Marybeth said...

With their home being 3 hours away from the hospital where Josie is and their family being so large, it is quite a simple decision to pick up stakes and make the move to Little Rock since Josie will be hospitalized for such a long duration. They did that to keep the family together and keep a sense of normalcy--Michelle needs to be close to Josie and Jim Bob needs to be there to support his wife--so keep the family together.

Because there are limited hours, I'm sure, they can visit Josie, and because only Michelle and Jim Bob (and perhaps the oldest children) can visit, what are they supposed to do with the rest of their time? Sit at home and grieve? No, they paste smiles on their faces and show their other children that life goes on as normal--that life is to be experienced, lived, and the world around them explored--even if deep down, as parents, their hearts are breaking and they really want to be back at Josie's bedside.

While the trip to the submarine may have been TLC's idea (the voiceover was Jim Bob saying it was his idea--he said he made the phone call and booked the reservation), it was a way to get the kids out of the house for a few hours and get their minds off of the heavy burden their family is currently living with. Even though we see the kids running around and playing, they know what's going on and even the little ones can pick up on the tension that has to be felt in that house, no matter how hard the parents and older sisters try to hide it. Because as parents and siblings of young kids, as families, that's what you do for each other--you stick together and create some normalcy, or if not normalcy some distraction. Those little kids know they have a sick little sister out there that they can't see, so sick that they had to move to another town. Oh yes, they're aware.

Marybeth said...

As someone who's been in Michelle and Jim Bob's shoes, I don't see a cavalier attitude at all. I see the look of someone who knows that G-d is on his side and will do what is best for his child and for his family and for him. It's confidence in his faith in G-d. Why do I see that? Because that's the exact same look I had on my face every day when I'd go visit my daughter in the NICU. She turns 3 tomorrow.

Deanna said...

We got to see another horrible carb and fat ridden meal last night in that cheesey, noodley, fatty "chicken" dish that Anna and Jill prepared. Where is a nice grilled chicken breast with a side of broccoli?

We always see the Duggar family (and now Josh and Anna, in their own home) eat far too many starches and fats, and it is absolutely miraculous that no one in that family is ginormously fat, the way they eat. Of at least as great concern is heart disease, from all that artery clogging fatty food, or diabetes or a host of other diseases which are brought on by poor American eating habits like the Duggars have.

Marybeth said...

The chili with noodles is an Ohio (Cincinnati) tradition--Michelle is from Ohio. Why they chose to pair it with mashed potatoes boggles the mind (unless as the kids have stated in interview questions "do you have differences?" "yes we don't like the same foods" they were doing it to have an alternative).

A big part of their problem, as with a lot of people in their situation, is when you're "camping out" or on vacation, the diet tends to take a backseat. Frankly under the circumstances I think they are doing the best they can. Especially since they don't have the storage facilities in this house for fresh foods they do in their regular house.