New Visitors

We have some new readers!  Welcome.  We have some rules here.  What a shock, I know!

First, please select a screen name and try to use the same one consistently so people can get to know you.  Also we don't address individuals much less call someone out, try to engage in debate with a person, or incite a fight.  If there is a comment you specifically want to address, quote the comment not the person's name.  Finally, we use close to standard English.  I'll let a comment through that is missing one or two capitol letters or may correct them, but comments with multiple errors, shortened names for people (JB for Jim Bob), or especially deliberately written in all lower case will be destined for the trash bin. 

There is a reason for the no addressing individuals.  I've been on some boards and I visit one now, where this is allowed and it always ends in nastiness with some individuals and that makes my skin crawl.  I really don't like it when a reader or readers try to set people up to debate with them, are deliberately obtuse, or are crass just to rise out of people.