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Please read!

Comments and questions to the moderators sent through comments will usually not be addressed. As suggested in our rules, please send questions or comments solely intended for the mods in an email. We will not normally respond to mod questions sent in comments unless it is a general concern. Also we have multiple moderators so your question may be seen by one while someone else was actually processing the comment or comments in question. Thank you.

Also, please remember not to tell other commenters and readers how to act, think, or feel. Their opinions and feelings while possibly not matching yours are as equally valuable to them as your opinions and feelings are to you. I just rejected another comment that was perfectly acceptable until the last sentence. That sentence was an admonition of how to post during this difficult time for the Duggars. Some people may be very sympathetic to the Duggars at this time and others may not be. It is too much to expect that everyone commenting here will be in consistent agreement. Thanks!

Also please remember the topic of the blog is the Duggar family and show. It is not about homeschooling in general, teacher aides or not in various states, religion in general, etc. We're getting quite a few comments about rejected comments. Most were either too far off topic, were directed at another commenter, or were trying to tell other people what to think or behave.

Links are limited to those relevant to the Duggars. Links to various stories or blogs of other preemie families are not appropriate as it will lead to discussion of that child and family.