Anderson, Friday, February 24

Last week a promo on Anderson implied that the Duggars would be on this week.  Today they showed up on the guide for Friday's show.  In the promo, Anderson was asking about miscarriage.

(Not the 360 show, this is the afternoon talk show.)


Vera said...

Aren't they going to be defrauded by being in the presence of a man who might be gay? Or maybe they should be concerned that they could catch "the gay?"

Just sayin said...

Good point Vera. During Josh's speech he made a reference to homosexuality.

ennvee said...

Eh, it's just Jim Bob and Michelle in studio. Even Josh, as the only real "adult" in the family, will be on the remote. I don't think they can catch "the ghey" through the camera image or his...*smacks self*

No one messes with mah boo, even if he does play for the other team! :D I am not hopeful since the kids are involved, but there could be a real journalism question and not the typical softballs the Duggars are lobbed in

If an announcement isn't spliced into the episode tomorrow night, expect it during the Anderson show. It could be either since both were there filming on Valentine's Day (the day the studio bit was shot in NY).

ennvee said...

Puff piece, no announcements. Recap:

AC mentions that they are "all over the presidential campaign trail."

Set-up -- video of the family, naming all of the kids (AC is, not Michelle!), saying they are often criticized, :shock: talking about miscarriage.

Now they are on -- kids are there via satellite from the beginning :cry: -- JB telling story of the pill "killing" their second child. Michelle interrupts to tell the rest of the story. Gag me.

Michelle talks about the difficulty of having had 7 under the age of 7. Doesn't mention her laundry-room breakdown.

JB talking about the kids becoming "great helpers" as they got older, and how it's actually easier now.

The "we give all of them attention" crap that's on video in my post above.

AC asks about the miscarriage, very politely. Michelle spews. JB spews. Michelle refers to Jubillee's "18 weeks of life." :roll:

AC asks if they ever had any doubt about the cameras being there when they found out about the miscarriage, and they show the footage from 19KaC.

AC mentions controversy about photos of fetus, Michelle advertises Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, talking about how Jubilee was beautiful and perfect. They tell the story of how the pics were just supposed to be for the funeral brochure, but "someone tweeted them out."

Michelle refers to the time between the diagnosis and actual miscarriage as "waiting for Jubilee to be born." They show some of the footage of JB being helpless with the younger girls.

AC again offers his condolences, praises them for showing others how to "walk through grief."

They say it was important to give Jubilee a name, etc. (this part is in the other video I posted above).

AD asks about financial issues. JB talks about real estate, and how "God has increased our income as our family increased." *eyeroll*

AC asks the kids if they ever want privacy, Josh says he has just adjusted as it went along.

AC praises the kids for being so well-behaved.

Wampascat said...

Nothing new came out on Anderson. Michelle spoke in her breathy little girl voice and looked adoringly at Jim Bob. Same old mantra about the evil birth control, the wonders of their many blessings, buying in bulk, etc. The topic of Jubilee was discussed a little and of course Josh had to put his two cents worth in. It was a little disappointing, actually. Anderson must have been told that some topics were "hands off". He's normally better at asking the hard hitting questions.

Dar said...

I am a big fan of Anderson Cooper. I just don't understand why he had these two on his programme. There really is no news there. There is no entertainment value and they certainly cannot add anything to give enlightenment to anyone. Anderson did ask questions. There were never any straight answers. It was obvious that he was searching for answers but I think he is a gentleman with class and did not want to do that in front of the children. I also think he would not be so boorish as to put that kind of stress on the mother. There was always some clever evasions from Michelle. There was always a some preaching and skirting around the issues.

When one sees the detachment with which she treats her surviving "blessings", it is difficult to reconcile her display of emotion for the cameras.

I going to go out on a limb and say that Anderson Cooper probably does not watch "The Duggars" on TLC. because if he saw the real way they cope, he would probably would not have been so kind.

Rainbow68 said...

I think the Anderson Cooper from CNN and the Anderson Cooper from his talk show are two different things. I didn't really expect hard-hitting questions on his talk show. I was surprised that Michelle interrupted Jim Bob five times, but apart from that, there were no revelations today. They just talked about how hard the miscarriage was. Anderson was polite, although I think the Duggars are foreign to him. Joy Anna must be Josie's buddy, as she was holding her (I believe it was Josie) when they first showed them with the family back home.

tulip said...

Agree with all comments about the show. Jim Bob and Michelle just making the talk show rounds, Anderson probably briefed about what to ask and not pushing the envelope. TLC saving up an Anna pregnancy announcement for themselves (there's no way they would "allow" an announcement anywhere else, except maybe Today), but since TLC knows everybody thinks she is, they'll keep using the bait to reel in viewers for all the lame episodes they've got lined up for the rest of the season til sweeps...and the gravy train rolls on.

Tammy C said...

I noticed how Michelle interrupted Jim Bob.Poor guy didn't get to finish his thought on a couple subjects before it was changed to another.

Anne said...

I agree with what Dar said. I
also thought Jim Bob looked uncomfortable on that stage.

Elvira said...

Every time I see Michelle go on something like that I wish someone would buy her some dress shoes. From the knees up to her neck she didn't look too bad. That hair though wasn't good. Jim Bob's tie is flickering.

Michelle looks like she has a Toddlers and Tiaras hairpiece perched on her head.

Jim Bob looks kind of wierd sitting there while Michelle chatters. Then she keeps cutting him off.

As far as tough questions, Anderson is too much of a gentleman to push any harder than he did with a grieving mother.

ennvee said...

As far as tough questions, Anderson is too much of a gentleman to push any harder than he did with a grieving mother.


Yes, Anderson is a gentleman (he's mah boo for crying out loud), but anyone with any type of celebrity who is out there to promote a book/show/movie/whatever (Kardashian Kategory) have publicists that provide the talk show circuit the "talking points" and "don't ask" questions.

I guess Anna's OBVIOUS pregnancy will be announced as a sidenote when they show Priscilla's wedding. Something like "The measurements were FINE when we saw her in December!!!!" FWIW, thee parents, Pris and the younger boys actually didn't make that reunion, but that had to be where measurements for the dresses were taken. I'm just curious who MADE the dresses, since none of the daughters were in Florida (the bride and his family all live near Gothard HQ). I wonder who made the actual garments. Anna's dress was too tight, too short and otherwise hideous, that a DUggar sister couldn't have made it because they could have made the proper adjustments for both the tightness and length that the extra weight caused, even if the Duggar girls only saw Anna when they were on the Weekend Santorum Travel Bus. Heck, as the Matron of Honor, they could have taken material from the groom's full-figured sister to add a highwasted band to Anns's so it would at least reach the floor. That sister could have merely worn flats. I noticed that Anna wore some strappy slingback heels and when you could see the other bridesmaids, they were all wearing heels, to THAT can't be the excuse.

FWIW, Josh actually read the hashtag about not admitting Anna was pregnant on Anderson and while not totally dumping me from Twitter, I was forced to "follow" him again this morning. Oops!

Dar said...

When one remembers that Anderson Cooper's only sibling (brother) commited suicide right in front of his mother, you can understand that he is familiar with tragedy in his life, as is his mother. This is a woman who keeps sacred parts of her life private. It is understandable that he would ask Michelle if she did not think it might be time to turn the cameras off when she heard of the death of the fetus. He just doesn't understand that everything is part of the show". There are no boundaries. Anything to keep the money flooding in. Why they are making the circuit of all the talk shows in beyond comprehension

Vera said...

I wonder if he would have asked the hard questions and demanded an answer had the Duggar children not had a presence. Although I'm pretty sure they have a "Do not ask" list that precedes them so chances are slim anyone will ever nail them in the way that they should be. Too bad. I would love to see them dance around the uncomfortable questions.