Question About Blogs

This question has been asked several times recently. I'm not sure if all the questions have been by the same person, but the question is why do GWoP and DWoP run differently if they are really under the same ownership? Yes, they are run by the mostly the same people. A couple of GWoP associated people do not choose to work on DWoP and that is fine.

The real difference is the attitude of the commenters and readers. So far the mods have not been treated to profanity and obscenity laced threats related to DWoP. Those started within the first few weeks on GWoP. The majority of commenters here comprehend that a positive comment about the Duggars does not involve an attack on the blog, the mods, or the other commenters. Of those who don't, all but a very few either leave or change their commenting style reasonably quickly.

Attacking someone or their comment isn't a positive comment. For example on GWoP, a "positive" comment is "You all are just jellus haters and need to get lifes. Leave Kate along." (Errors are theirs.) The Kate supporters can almost never muster a comment in support of her but normally only attacks against other people. Here most positive comments are along the lines of I admire the Duggars for how they manage their finances to remain debt free.

The amazingly few positive comments in support of Kate that are truly positive comments and not snide, sarcastic, or intended to start a flame war go through. I am very intolerant of flame wars so if there is even a hint that a comment will start one, out it goes. So the answer as to why the blogs are run differently is you, the dear readers and commenters here, who can usually disagree with grace, decorum, and dignity. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

I am the person who asked this evening why the two blogs are run so differently.

Though I have wondered about it for quite awhile, I have never directly asked the blog about this difference, so there must be others who have the same question, since you state you have received this question previously.

Thanks for your explanation.

Willow #1 said...

I think our mods are very good at their job, which I think involves great intuition to keep "ahead of the game". I enjoy these 2 blogs for what they are now and tacky name-calling can be elsewhere. Thanks mods for making sure we can maintain for the long haul. I think most of us are here to vent and learn, not destroy.

Anonymously Yours said...

@Willow#1: Agreed.

Just reading through the comments on both blogs, the difference in the latitude given on GWoP vs. DWoP was obvious, and I wondered why.

I second that the mods do a great job.

I was just wondering if I was missing something, since there is SUCH a difference in allowable comment boundaries on these two blogs.

IMO, both families are guilty of the same thing, that is selling the privacy & childhood of their kids.

Another thing both families have in common is that it is unlikely that either of these shows are a true representation of all aspects of their family lives. Both shows are at least partially planned and scripted and both shows present a marketable brand to the viewers, though the branding is very different between Kate Gosselin and Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar.

While the Duggars seem nicer over all than Kate Gosselin, I do not personally find much to agree with in their belief systems, but, of course, this is JMO, and to each her own.