Tues, May 25, Duggar Home Alone

It?s a rare opportunity to have any alone time when you have 19 kids! Michelle gets just that when Jim Bob takes the kids to the ATI Home School Conference in Big Sandy, Texas. Michelle stays behind to spend time with Josie, who is still at the hospital.

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just.me said...

After having received so much negative attention from the trip to Wisconsin, Michelle had no choice but to stay close to the hospital while the family went to Big Sandy.

I wish the Duggars would send the boys to private school said... said...

Michelle would of loved to go to Sandy. because of the uproar, she decided, I mean JimBob, her wonderful husband decided for her.

Sick, struggling preemie? or
ATI convention

wow, how can you even wrestle with that?

Anonymous said...

The Duggars went to Wisconsin?

Anonymous said...

Michelle does this every day. She always spends her time at the hospital while the other children are without her, the only difference is they are with their sister-moms instead of a conference.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jsoh met Anna at a homeschool conference, perhaps it will be the same for John David or Jana?

CappuccinoLife said...

Since the show is on a time-delay, how do we know her staying home has anything to do with "the uproar"?

Swissmiss said...

The People article said that Michelle was spending up to 15 hours per day at the hospital.

I don't want to sound harsh, but what about all the OTHER kids back home who need her?

Once Josie is home, I think they should consider hiring at least a part-time aide especially for Josie. I wonder if there is some type of government program that would cover it?

When Kate Gosselin had her multiples, some agency did that for a year.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why a government program would cover care at home for Josie when the Duggars make $50,000 per TLC show. Why wouldn't Michelle and JB care for her themselves as most parents would? They certainly are enabled by the older daughters take care of all the younger children and all of the household tasks.

wildflowers said...

I think this current situation is the perfect example of why having so many kids does not work. I know all families have emergencies every now and then. But while Josie is getting the one on one she needs, none of the others are getting any parental attention. It is so sad that the parents are spread so thin under normal circumstances, that there is rarely time for the kids at home. I think the older kids need the parents attention as much as the younger ones. But throw an emergency into the mix and there just isn't any time for any of the other ones. Plus, I read an interview the other day with Michelle. She was asked, the usual question - would there be any other children. And her answer was the usual - it is God's decision. Then the interviewer asked if she could be pregnant now and she answered 'you never know'. Are you kidding me? I used to defend them, because I admired how committed they were to their family. At least that's what I thought. Now I don't see a commitment to the family, just a commitment to their way of thinking and what they perceive as the correct way of life. How they live their lives is up to them, but what they are doing to their kids is unexcusable. They remind me so much of a cult now. They cut their family off from the outside world so they have no choice but to go along. They are raised to believe that all of the outside world is evil that they are afraid of everyone that is not in their little protective circle.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

15 hours per day is a lot to spend at the hospital.

I am looking forward to this home along episode.

Anonymous said...

I too wonder about the other children and the fact that they aren't getting enough "mommy time." But from what I see on screen --- the Duggar children aren't exactly missing out. They have a different relationship with their parents than most children do -- and I'm not sure that's such a bad thing. I'm an only child and didn't suffer from a lack of attention --- but I don't feel that my childhood was necessarily happier for that. The Duggars look far happier than the Gosselins with their college funds and all.

Anonymous said...

Is Michelle really going to be alone? Not one daughter staying behind? No cousin Amy, Grandma Duggar or close church friends? I just can't see Michelle being alone, even for a few days. If she did do this to look like a great mom after the Wisconsin pictures, I wonder how they will handle the big mom of the year award, Jim Bob's turn to stay at home alone or because the show will be off for the summer maybe they think no one will notice if they both go? I am curious to see the edit on this episode.

Anonymous said...

Michelle still doesn't have the look of someone who has spent 15 hours a day for the last couple of months at the hospital caring for her child. She doesn't have the dark circles, hair that needs to be taken care of, she hasn't lost any weight because she isn't eating right.

I just don't think they are giving us the whole story. I don't think they realize how serious Josie really is.

Judy said...

To the poster who said the Duggars look happier than the Gosselins -- the Duggars taught their children from the beginning to put aside unhappy, negative feelings etc. and always have a smile on their faces and say pleasant words, even when not feeling well. (I remember they had a saying the kids repeated in one episode about the way the household ran) So yes, the children look happy, but we really have no idea if they actually are. . .

I was one of four children and didn't get enough attention. Every family is different, of course, but I don't see how any parents, no matter how wonderful, can give the proper kind of attention to eighteen children. It's just not possible.

just.me said...

I think it's deplorable to teach a child that they must always present a cheerful facade.

Life is full of emotions. Some jubilant, others quite depressing. But they're all real and should be felt, expressed and respected.

The Duggar philosophy of always being pleasant, can't possibly be healthy.

I guess they're aspiring to create Stepford-children? How very sad, for all of them.

Anonymous said...

But haven't we seen episodes (I'm thinking of the one where they say goodbye to Grandpa Duggar)where the parents reassure the children that it's ok to express their feelings? Didn't they say it was important for the children to see their father show emotions (including tears)?

elise said...

well then they are sending conflicting messages. their household creed is to always show joy even if your not happy. show joy even of someone treats you badly. so maybe they were saying that for the show.

Judy said...

Yes I think when someone dies I guess they think it's okay to act sad. But if you look back in the earlier episodes they talk about "Never say an unkind word even when you're not feeling well," something like that. The kids may be happy, I don't know, or they not even know to feel well. . .unsettled about how they live. I just find it odd how much JB and Michelle try to shield them from. Part of knowing you're happy is to know what sadness feels like, and if you avoid feeling sad, frustrated, angry, etc., then how do you ever know when you're feeling true happiness?

winsomeone said...

I don't think I would want to stay in that huge house alone, and they have said the area is not very good.

CappuccinoLife said...

Choosing not to say unkind words, be mean, sulk, etc is not "avoiding feelings". It's choosing not to let feelings affect behaviors in a way that hurts others.

I can feel like crap, and I can tell someone that I feel like crap, but I don't have to rip their head off in order to do that. It is possible to be aware of emotions, feel them, and separate that from behaving negatively towards others.

just.me said...

My grandmother used to say that your joys can only be as deep as your sorrows.

I didn't understand it as a child, but there's a lot of truth to it.

The Duggars attempt to avoid emotions and put on a happy face with everything.

I think when you tell yourself you shouldn't feel certain emotions, it leads to that robot-like behavior the family exhibits.

msrylee said...

My grandmother also said the same thing, and I sure didn't understand as a child. However, I am now a grandma and have experienced a great deal of joy, as well as lots of sorrow, and now I understand. There is great wisdom in our ancestors' sayings. I can only trust that I too may pass on some wise tidbits.

maynard said...

I think the show should end. Some areas are not our business but when on paid tv every move and word is analyzed. My only real concern is money being held for the children who are performing. Does Arkansas have a law? I think most will agree the kids are the only reason there is a show and should benefit from the proceeds. They will have to make a living at some point.

Anonymously Yours said...

IMO, it's entirely possible to show a whole range of emotions in ways that are not hurtful to others.

Sadness, even anger, are not necessarily a negative, nor are they necessarily hurtful to others.

It's great to be optimistic in life - this can be a great coping tool in life. But when the only genuine feeling that is considered acceptable/appropriate is unfailing optimism, this is neither realistic nor healthy. Further, IMO, that old fashioned 'put on a happy face' is less than honest. Less than sincere.

When questioning, simply questioning, is lumped into the same basic bin of forbidden fruits, right there, next to expressing fear, anger and/or sadness, it is particularly unhealthy.

I do not automatically assign Michelle Duggar's constant Pollyanna demeanor an A+ in ethics nor maternal leadership.

Celestie said...

think when you tell yourself you shouldn't feel certain emotions, it leads to that robot-like behavior the family exhibits.

I think it is ok to tell a kid to put on a happy face, when they are being whiney for no reason, like they are want to be. But not to mask real emotions of sadness, anger, fear etc. not so much.

Proud to Derve said...

I have not seen "any" negative attention about M or JB's trip to Wisconsin, IF in fact they had made it. I have tried "several" times to get the site to come up but nothing.
I have posted on the TLC site under the post of "Josie's Mother Day Special. Did You Watch It?", what my wife and I "observed" on that show.
In a "nutshell", I said, we "observed" that, when M was "praising" JB for "stepping up", while "she" was at the hospital with Josie, that "he" took the kids on several outings, "and a" conference. She "did not" say what conference. We "figured" it was the Big Sandy one.
It's the scene where they show JB walking into the house with the kids coming back from somewhere. He's wearing a blue shirt.
You can go to the site and "read exactly" what I wrote about that "particular" show.
We are hoping and praying, along with other fans, that Jill will "strive" long and hard into looking at all the aspects that are opened to her about the "potential" nursing career.
Both my wife and I have seen that kind of "look" in other people's faces that Jill shows towards Josie, "not only" as her sister, but as someone that is "truly" concerned for her health, when they are "faced" with these kind of circumstances. It's a "look" of caring and concern towards the person in need.
We both think that "both" Jill & M "will be" Josie's buddy as they are the ones, that "we" have seen so far,"learning" the so called "ropes" of the treatments for Josie and seeing "only" them in the room at the time of the "crisis".
We will "still" cover this family in our prayers as they continue to "administer" the caring for this "precious" life that HE gave them.

Anon 3:14 said...

There's no "if" the Duggars were in Wisconsin in April.

They WERE definitely there.

then click on Real Impact, then click on the 2010 Brochure.

You will read a thank-you note from JimBob Duggar who states he was encouraged by the testimonies at the conference.

Keep scrolling down thru the brochure and you will read a note from a woman stating she heard the Duggars speak and then met them.

The conference was only days after Josie was re-admitted to the hospital. What a perfect opportunity for JB & M to jet off to a weekend outing so they can create blessing #20.

Anonymous said...

starting a lawn mower with bare feet, or having two kids run around wth it. you can get hurt doing that. and throwing your sister into a toy wagon.

Poor jason, he gets one on one time becuase its his birthday!!

ugh. this makes me so sacred and sad.

Anonymous said...

OMG. Please tell me I didn't just see Joy starting a lawnmower with bare-feet? That is seriously dangerous and just plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much stuff they are bringing to the ATI conference! It seems to me that they are just trying to show off all the stuff they have. I think most of that stuff is unnecessary (like a unicycle, come on). And how many golf carts do they possibly need??!! It's absolutely ridiculous. They just want to show the other ATI families that they are better. I can just imagine 10 years ago when they were living in poverty, they probably didn't bring half that crap.

Anonymous said...

I missed the first half of this episode, can anyone reacap? Any memorable sayings? Thanks.

becoming disenchanted said...

There was no bombshell announcement. I, for one, felt a big let down.

And why the heck are Josh and Anna going to Big Sandy? They are both out of school and they don't have school-aged children. Looks like they are taking ANOTHER vacation from the car lot. I wonder if the car lot is just a tax-shield.

And OMG the orchestra! Squark, squeeeek.

Anonymous said...

Imo baby Jordyn should have stayed behind and the D's could have had someone help look after her while M was at the hospital.she doesn't appear to get much mothering from her mom.it would have been easier on the rest of them,too.and she wouldn't have been dumped into the wagon.I think she was still too young to go on such a trip without a one on one helper to care for her,mainly her mom.

Anonymous said...

There's no "if" the Duggars were in Wisconsin in April.

They WERE definitely there.

then click on Real Impact, then click on the 2010 Brochure.

You will read a thank-you note from JimBob Duggar who states he was encouraged by the testimonies at the conference.

Keep scrolling down thru the brochure and you will read a note from a woman stating she heard the Duggars speak and then met them.

The conference was only days after Josie was re-admitted to the hospital. What a perfect opportunity for JB & M to jet off to a weekend outing so they can create blessing #20.

5/25/2010 6:02 PM

That was over a week after Josie was readmitted so I'm sure she was stable by then. I'm glad Michelle got away from the hospital for a day or two. She could use a break before she quacks up.

babysteps said...

There was a lot of safety concerns tonight which Michelle addressed and I'm sure we'll hear a lot about it here. Jed was wearing a wrist brace. I wonder what he did? Johannah throwing Jordyn into the wagon was scary but maybe Johannah was getting her back for stepping on her when she was sleeping. LOL.

I liked this episode. It was nice seeing Jason get some mommy time and visit Josie. I grew up with a bunch of siblings and never noticed that I rarely ever did anything with just my mom alone except maybe go to the doctor. No biggie.

I noticed all that stuff Jim Bob was bringing to the ati conference. WTH! They had less people going than last year. Maybe one of the vehicles was for another family to use or Jim Bob is just going nuts!

mythoughtis said...

why did any of the kids that were under/over school age need to go to an ATI conference.... oh, I forgot. Need the older girls to babysit the middle ones and help out at all the events. And, then
since we are taking the older girls, we can't leave the youngest kids with Michelle cause she hasn't watched her own kids in years.

This is the dilemma that is caused when you have a family medical crisis and WAY TOO MANY KIDS to deal with. JB and Michelle had kids they way that rick people have cars... to show off. Hence, you can't go anywhere unless you take them all.

I think it was good for Michelle to spend some alone time at the LR house... probably the first real sleep she has had in some time, and maybe she realized that she will be able to survive once all the kids grow up and leave.

Anonymous said...

the mich talking to all the rooms and seeing the toys was so tlcs idea.

i still she should spent that time at the hosptial. i like the journal. very sweet.

Alice said...

Precious, sweet episode! Little Josie looks so much better!

Willow #1 said...

I'm confused again. Didn't all the previews show Josie going into the MRI machine? I didn't see that on this show. Did they film a second half hour but not show it? If anyone knows, please help me.

Otherwise, regarding this episode- Was it Joy's turn to have the jurisdiction of mowing the lawn? I could only cringe at her bare feet. That is just scary. I think Jim the sound guy was right - as long the little boys get the mowing done, who cares how pretty it is during the process. LOL.

I bet Jason loved spending the day with his mom. IMO, that would be better than sharing her at a party with a lot of other people. That surprised me but I thought it was a great idea for him.

I would have liked to see more of the ATI conference and the Bates, Kellers, Wilsons, etc. Wish they would have made the season finale a whole hour.

I thought the journal for Josie was really nice.

I pray that Josie gets really healthy while they are on hiatus and I hope she doesn't have a younger sibling for a good long while. Best of luck to Josie!!

maynard said...

Someone add up the cost for equipment to go to the ATI conference. This show is playing to a particular segment of the population in my opinion. I am a channel flipper. This is so not real life. Is this show making anyone else cringe a bit? Do they not realize TLC is making them look foolish? Would one of their friends please watch the show and tell them?

Nancy said...

Interesting how Michelle was wistfully wandering around the house with the dirty laundry and toys laying around then sitting in her rocking chair journaling AT HOME. DURING THE DAY.

Liar, liar pants on fire. Pick up some toys and do a load or two of laundry like your daughters do all day. This woman, writing what will inevitably be the next Duggar Book, disgusts me no end with her hypocrisy.

mythoughtis said...

Where to start?
Old,old push mower, probably not best of safety features, kids mowing barefoot. If they watched TV or read books,they might understand safety concepts

Kids walking all over each other, Jordyn being THROWN into a wagon by a pre-school age child.
JB commenting on how much it takes to supply a family his size... . 3 utility carts, a roll back, the big bus, the small bus, a camper to go to the ATI conference

Josh and Anna, JD, and the Kellars were at a home school conference, none of them have kids being home schooled.
Jason's 10 birthday (he's still a child), and how do they celebrate... He gets to pick a gift from the hospital gift shop (Walmart would have been cheaper and more selection), eat lunch with Mom at the hospital cafeteria, and hold Josie. Earth to Parents... an adult would hate this birthday, why do you think a kid would love it?

Mom stays home while everyone else is in Texas. Mom doesn't know what to do with herself.. been there, done that. Hope she got some much needed rest.

no1 said...

Does Michelle look pregnant to anyone else but me?

babysteps said...

We don't know but the other kids could have been preparing a small party at home for Jason when he was at the hospital. I think all the kids have had small birthdays this year because of Josie but as long as you get cake, presents, and your family, that's all you need.

I love Justin and the sailor hat. He has worn it in every episode since the sub trip. He's too cute. Joy Anna seems to be a pro at getting out of chores. At least Jed and Jer think so. LOL

And Johannah with the spilt drink was funny. When it happened she just smiled. Michelle's calmness with the kids really rubs off. Nothing ever upsets them much.

Millie at home said...

Yes, their were problems shown on this episode, I,m sure we all cringed at the bare feet and the lawn mower. I wonder if anyone in the family over 12 witnessed that?

It was great to see the family get to go on their trip to the conference. These conferences are great places for the families to get together. Maybe the extra living quarters were for another family to use. I remember from the "God's Girl" blog how excited that young girl was to have been given rides on one of the RTV's. I wonder if is just Jim Bob sharing his good fortune with others and teaching his kids to do likewise.

I hope Michelle will publish another book using her journal as a basis. Even if she doesn't, the journal is a very common thing for a mother of a preemie to do. You see them all over the internet. I think it would be therapeutic.

msrylee said...

Bare-feet and starting a lawnmower? Little boys operating said mower and running all over the place with it? There just are not enough responsible adults to supervise these blessings IMO.

How much stuff did JB think he needed to haul to the conference? It would seem that perhaps he is bragging about all the toys he has been able to afford since the gig with TLC. I guess all this equipment was purchased used, and the difference saved. LOL.

We haven't seen so much of Grandma D. Did she go to the conference with JB? TLC apparently does read and follow these blogs, as many of us felt sorry for GD and how hard she has been working and "filling in" for M and JB.

Tammy C said...

Jordyn could have stayed at home.Even Anna and Mackynzie could have come to visit Grandma for some one on one time.

Willow #1 said...

I think the Kellers still have a son that is school age. I think when they had Anna's shower, Mrs. Keller said her baby was 11. I think the ATI conference is a family-type camping and mingling event. I don't think they observe it as "just" for homeschooling. (I'm just guessing, but that makes sense to me). It is a social deal. I disagree with so many things, but I just don't see the big deal about who gets to go to ATI, as if there is a limit on how many people can come.

AmyKB said...

I was surprised at how hard JoyAnna was trying to get out of lawnmowing... usually the kids don't seem to mind chores too much. And barefoot is like the WORST idea EVER. And her brothers knew what she was trying to do, and even knew that she'd go for JimBob's heartstrings with the wanting to see Josie. Actually, I'm surprised that mowing was even JoyAnna's job to begin with...

Well, when you have a sibling in the NICU, I guess the hospital gift shop and the hospital cafeteria is as good as you can hope for on your birthday, LoL. It worked out well, though, and he seemed to have a good time seeing his baby sister. I thought it was interesting that we saw his birthday again (we saw his skating party last year), since there are several of the children's birthdays we haven't seen at all.

I'm kinda bored of hearing about how they decided to homeschool, but I guess they need to repeat it in episodes like this for first-time watchers. The younger kids don't actually get buckled into their carseats?? That seems like a bad idea to me. I thought that the "each Duggar could drive just 15 minutes" thing was kinda an irrelevant and pointless pop-up. I thought it was interesting that the kids said it was "totally different" without Michelle there... I would have thought, at least from the older girls' perspective, that they'd be doing most of the same stuff regardless of whether Michelle was there.

I also thought it was interesting that they had Michelle put her thumb over Josie's weight in that particular entry. Was it because she was back-writing and we didn't need to see she was faking it?

And I agree that no bombshell was disappointing, plus the previews did not match this episode.

Anonymous said...

I loved the show and I don't think they look foolish at all. From day one, this family has taught me so much about the way a family should treat each other. Yes they have some high maintenance little ones but to me it makes it even more believable. I could say that my little kids are too high strung to warrant being treated nicely by older siblings (the younger children drive the older ones crazy). But their imperfections just prove that yes it can be done! I make my children watch this show and now the older ones are seeing that its not that hard to be nice to younger ones. Michelle was cleaning house and doing laundry. And I didn't see anyone mowing barefoot. I saw Joy Anna starting the lawnmower barefoot but not mowing. But I live in Arkansas and that wouldn't really bother me that much. Its not any different than flip flops really.

Jen said...

"Josh and Anna, JD, and the Kellars were at a home school conference, none of them have kids being home schooled"

I believe the Keller's still have school aged children.

Anna was the 5th of 8 children.

The youngest, a boy is around 11 or 12.

Suzanne said...

The Duggar's behavior (especially JB, M and the older children) is influenced by being on camera. But the biggest thing is that TLC has total control of what the audience sees. Think about the tons of footage that's edited out. People viewing the Duggar show should always remember they are seeing the version that TLC thinks will best sell their advertising.

Anonymous said...

no1 said...
Does Michelle look pregnant to anyone else but me?
I was wondering that myself, but after being prego as many times as she has I also wonder if her stomach has a permanent roundness/prego look to it.

Jana fan said...

Jordyn being thrown HEAD FIRST into a wagon by Johanna? That was awful! Where are the alleged parents of these children? Children need protection, and no one is protecting Jordyn at all! She is heading for a serious head injury with the way all these small kids carry her around and drop her. No wonder she had scabs all over her forehead a few episodes ago.

And those golf carts and ATVs being rolled off? Who do the Duggars think they are? ATI royalty?

And mowing the lawn barefoot? I guess losing a foot isn't such a big deal either.

And why wasn't Michelle doing anything at home besides wandering around and mooning about missing her kids? Why did Jordyn have to go along on the Big Sandy trip? Couldn't a few of the non-homeschoolers stayed home?

I am soooooo over this family.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Duggars, for teaching me so much about how to be a good family member from this episode !

Now I know that mowing lawns is only to be done in bare feet, and only then, after trying to get out of doing it at all.

Now I know that babies are for tossing into wagons.

Now I know riding in a golf cart is much better than walking somewhere.

Whew...the things I didn't know !
I feel so much better now, since watching the Duggars.


SuzanneDeAZ said...

I too want to thank the Duggars for teaching us things.

Thanks for showing us that girls can mow lawns too.

Thanks for showing us that a child can be just as content celebrating his birthday going on a visit to see his little sister as having a huge skating party.

Thanks for showing us that you can be a huge family and still have toys such as the golf carts.

Thanks for showing us that the golf carts are practical, taking the family and others back and forth to their events so they can arrive in a timely manner.

Thanks for showing us that little kids really want to do big kids jobs. The little boys really wanted to mow the lawn. So adorable.

Thanks for showing us that older kids still can enjoy being with the family even after they are married.

Thanks for showing us that a family can function and take trips when the mother is laid up taking care of a younger sibling. Life goes on.

There are many other things I could thank them for but for now I will just thank them for these few.

I can not wait till season 5. God bless them and their endeavors.

Snap! said...

I agree that the kids mowing the lawn was dangerous. The twins are 11 and Joy a year older. They are old enough to be shown how to mow the lawn safely- no running, shoes and adult supervision.
Why would Michelle send her 1, 2 and 4 yr old daughters to the homeschool conference? Don't they deserve some of Mom's time also?
Grandma could have come and shared time at the hospital and time at home with the little ones.
Josie needs care but the other babies need mom too.

Anonymous said...

Well that episode was something...else. I don't think Joy would have been able to pull start that mower, but come on trying to with bare feet? I have nothing else to say about that.

The boys running with the mower, I loved how Jim told them he couldn't keep them from a learning experience when they asked him if he was going to cut the grass.

Jason must feel real special picking his gift from a hospital gift shop and eating cafeteria food, but then again we all know it isn't what they do or get it is that they for one time a year get one on one time with their mother.

I know a lot of people just love Johannah but I don't. I never have, she reminds me of a bratty 4 year old that I would not want to be around. I can't believe she just dumped Jordyn in the wagon. Remember Michelle said Jordyn knows to stay away from the younger ones, now we can for sure see why. Then yelling at Jennifer to get her a napkin so she could wipe her seat. I wonder if the car seats were because of people making comments that they should be in them when on the bus.

I do not understand why if they plan on leaving in 15 minutes they haven't even woke people up. Also why does it seem they wait until they are ready to leave to actually start packing the bus. Michelle didn't seem to get off her butt and lift a finger to help get anything packed or get any of the kids up and ready. She really is the princess in her home and doesn't life a finger, she leaves that to her minions. But she had time to make sure she kissed her prince charming several times before they left. I thought she looked pregnant when he dipped her back. I wouldn't be surprised if the journal will be the next Duggar book.

Why oh why do they need to take so much stuff with them to that conference. I agree with the person who said they think they are ATI royalty. I know they have a lot of people but I think that was overkill.

The whole part of them going through the house where it is all quiet where it was obvious the toys had been placed there for the shot was a little over dramatic. Michelle even said she was only there to sleep. She got home around 1 and left by 9 in the morning. She wasn't spending much time alone there anyway. I noticed that all the talk she did about how she would rather it be dirty with a lot of laundry over it being clean and quiet that there was still laundry that she could have been doing.

unbiased viewer said...

I enjoyed this episde. For starters I can totally relate because lets be real....my kids try to get out of their chores, my kids goof around a lot and do dumb things sometimes..even things that are unsafe at times. I agree that Michelle should have kept jordyn amd even Jenny home with her though.
As for why did Josh and anna go? Well they probably have great friends there...it's a good way to meet up even if you do not homeschool yet.
Why does everyone harp on and on about the little kids behaviour? Their mischief and acting up just shows that they are not abused into submission....I think thats a good sign!!!
Watching though does make me thankful for having a little less than half the number of children because I can tell by watching that it's hard to supervise so many...even I feel that way often with less kids.
Overall I do see a lot of love in this family...even if they make mistakes and don't do everything so well...who does???

Celestie said...

Lawn mowing. I thought it was the kids acting normal trying to get out of chores. See everyone! They are just humans and not saint Duggars. I think everyone in the herd knows how to play the "Josie card." Looks like the camera crew was in charge of the lawn mowing. I thought the boys mowed the lawn just fine, as someone said, "they got the job done" and had some fun while at the task.

Poor lonely Michelle, wandering around the house while her 1 year old is getting dumped on her head a few hundred miles away, and her other little ones are jumping around a moving vehicle. Wonder if it ever occurred to her to keep the babies home with her and be a mother, oh wait, then she couldn't wander around the house bemoaning she was alone. As long as she can go hang around the hospital and not actually have responsibility for a child, she is good.

Whoopee for the little birthday boy! He got his yearly one on one time with Mom. And his big treat? To hold Josie, the kid his mom has traded he and his sibs for. Is any one else getting tired of hearing Josie, Josie, Josie? How about Jordyn, Jennifer Jo/Joyannahanna or any of the J-boypack? Josie is looking better. Liked the journal, probably the only one of the Duggar kids whose babyhood will be remembered.
The ATI conference, I imagine it is like a big ATI family camp, whether you are homeschooling or not. And in this case, an opportunity for Mr. Conspicuous Consumption, "we are not adversely impacting the carbon foot print," to show off all his motorized toys and his many blessings. I'll bet the older girls had a wonderful time cooking in smaller area, watching the kids over a larger area, and of course playing the violin. At least the boys were able to run and play football. And the beat goes on.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it make perfect sense to anyone but me that Michelle take the opportunity of having the rest of the family away to catch up on time with her youngest babies. Especially Jordan and Jennifer. It seems like Josie is getting 100% of her time and the other kids 0. Aren't they just as important? What about her grandaughter? Josh and Anna or grandma could have visited and babysat while she went to the hospital. I just don't see why the younger children had to go the the ATI thing. They don't need to socialize, the need their mommy!

I was also disappointed in the birthday. It's sad he can't have a new toy without his little brothers and sisters ruining it. This is why the kids need their own rooms, space, boundaries.... At least a room with only 2 or 3 others.

As a side note...I do think the Duggars are a great family, but their judgment seems to be "off" lately.

Celestie said...

I have a theory about Grandma Duggar and why we no longer see her. I think JB didn't think she needed a cut of the TLC funds, as she is only a woman. And afterall, isn't he giving her a roof over her head, and food to eat, so why would she need extra money? I imagine she is still free labor, but is not being filmed. JB being the super financial genius that he is, might have Mom work for free and save the difference.Of course that is only my theory, like all the super fans, have their theories, with no proof, this is mine.

winsomeone said...


The truth is we can only know what was actually said. M. said she is the baby's buddy."

I would think as the mother, she would be the buddy to all of the children then? Not just one.

Anonymous said...

I really think M 'stayed home' alone so emphasis could be put on the journal she is turning into a book,to be released this fall.that was on an online site today..definite plans to do so.perhaps the Today show was supposed to be about that? It does seem something was changed since the preview did not appear to match the show.perhaps they are saving that annoucement for a later time.
as far as M being pregnant...I could be wrong,but I suspect she just hasn't had time to do WW like she normally says she does,since Josie's birth.

Maggie said...

I have had to reject a couple of comments and I have had a few emails, so let me explain this again.

The mods don't care if you love or hate the Duggars. We do care if you are rude to other people here or tell everyone how to think. What you state here is your opinion.

This board has worked really well because most people can follow the rules and understand that others are allowed a difference of opinion.

Anon 3:14 said...

The golf carts bug me personally because of the unnecessary use of fuel, when the two feet God gave you will do just fine.

Not to mention the carbon footprint of those things. Oh but wait, JimBob said in a prior episode that they pollute less per person than a small family.....yeah right... uh huh.

How are all those other ATI families getting around to all the activities? Everyone there had golf carts too? I doubt it.

JB & Josh could surely use the exercise, their bellies & man-boobs are starting to show.

I couldn't care less how much the Duggars paid for those things, the mere fact they were brought along AT ALL is just appalling.

Moonpie said...

I come from a family of five and I mowed the lawn barefoot when I was around Joy Anna's age. That was 6 or so years ago so it wasn't considered safe then either but I still did it. She's 12 you don't always think things through. Fun fact it turns your feet green!

j said...

So, Michelle Duggar has 19 children and gets "time alone"?? I have two kids and my only alone time is the 15 minutes I spend in the shower after my husband gets home, and the baby is usually screaming the whole time I'm in there!

Anonymous said...

Although I can't say I was surprised, I was paralyzed with shock when I saw Johannah toss either Jennifer or Jordyn (don't remember which) into that wagon! She could have gotten a serious head injury. That's a perfect example of what some of us have been afraid of. Maybe the 8 year old (Justin?) carrying the baby wasn't such a big deal (although I wouldn't allow it), but what I always worried was that there were smaller children doing it as well, and this sadly proved us right. Not only was she carrying her, but JB and Michelle clearly don't teach their children anything about safety or how to appropriately handle their younger siblings. It really is a miracle that they've had nothing serious happen as a result.

maynard said...

The tossing into the wagon,the barefoot lawnmowing and other antics are filmed. By grownups! Staged and prompted probably. I raised a bunch of stairsteps and I don't believe what I see. Kids DO things we don't know about. But not with several adults present and filming. Who is protecting these "reality show" children?

Swissmiss said...

It seemed odd to hear Jim Bob address Anna's father as "Mr. Keller," but I guess they wanted viewers to know who he was.

Surely that is the big reason Anna went with her baby - to see her Florida family.

Those golf carts seemed like overkill. I wonder what the other families think as the Duggar entourage chugs into the camp? How much $ did it cost in gas (and apparently it's common to have flat tires).

I thought someone mentioned the area is which their temporary house is located is not in the nice part of town, yet Michelle is staying at the hospital until the midnight feeding and then driving home - alone??

I agree it would have been nice if the younger kids had stayed with Michelle and she had cut back on her hours with Josie.

I can appreciate her concern and love for Josie, but she is getting the best medical care available from the nurses. Has Michelle forgotten she has other kids at home?

At least the birthday boy got a toy NOT used before he opened the package. That must be a thrill for him.

I think it's a good idea for the Duggars to take a break from filming. Maybe by the time the series resumes, Josie will be home and they can move back to their regular property and things will be on a more even keel.

I was delighted to see Josie looking so well.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jordyn or Jenny could go to the hospital with Michelle. She would have had to get a sitter for them.

Anonymous said...

The Childrens Hospital gift shop is almost like a toy store. And they have some unusual stuff in there that's unlike a toy store so I'm sure it was a cool treat. And these kids seem to appreciate what is given to them. They are not the type of bratty kid to say BUT I WANTED TO GO TO A TOY STORE!!

And someone commented seeing Michelle with Starbucks. There is a Starbucks in Childrens Hospital so I'm sure she's had one or two. After all she is at the hostpital 15 hours a day stressed about her premie. I think she's entitled to a Starbucks now and again!

Anonymous said...

The Duggar's three favorite words: Josie, challenging, interesting!!!

If you play a the "drinking game" take a drink when a certain actor says a word.. And took a drink every time JB and Michelle said "Josie" ... You would up very drunk lol

The World Belongs to Jim Bob said...

Given Jim Bob's penchant for buying used (well, this was his old mantra, before fame and money came his way), I would bet dollars to donuts that those were gas golf carts. Almost all the older ones are, and I doubt that Jim Bob went out of his way to do anything environmentally friendly, like get an electric golf cart.

After all, he believes that the world is only 6000 years old and probably also that there is no such thing as global warming. Why else would this family use a minimum of 60 paper plates a day and bring 200 rolls of toilet paper for 18 people for one week?

Jen said...

Did this episode say if/when the Show will return? I didn't see/hear anything.

Also I funny:

Apparently TLC mixes up the J names

On their site http://tlc.discovery.com/tv/duggars/ on the "Meet the Duggars" they have Jana and Jessa mixed up.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember when the Octomom was in the news a lot and one of her older kids hit another in the eye with a toy, causing a black eye? Social Services was all over it and it was in the news for days. Why does Social Services not step in to the Duggar's place when a four year old drops a baby into the wagon? And it is televised for all to see? I have seen so many things on this show that make me fear for the kids' lives. When they were building the Bates's home, there was a flock of kids from both families standing on rafters up on the unfinnished third floor with no walls around them. No adult was present at first then the interchangeable moms showed up and were giggling about it. Not only are the Duggar parents seemingly ignorant of potential accidents but what about food-borne illnesses and oh yes, manners? How many episodes show kids sliding across the kitchen table, dipping dirty hands into food that everyone else will eat, feet on the counter tops? And people praise this family and nominate them for "Parents of the Year"?
If this was a normal family that was not on TLC, neighbors would be calling social services on a daily basis.
And why would Michelle possibly want the three little girls to stay home? Then she would actually have to learn how to be a caring and nurturing mom.
What started out to be a cute show about a big family has turned into a train-wreck, a three-ring circus and an impending disaster waiting to happen all at once.

Eliza said...

Jen said...
Did this episode say if/when the Show will return? I didn't see/hear anything.

A pop-up came on and said they return in August
We'll just have to see

Anonymously Yours said...

The Duggar's three favorite words: Josie, challenging, interesting!!!

If you play a the "drinking game" take a drink when a certain actor says a word.. And took a drink every time JB and Michelle said "Josie" ... You would up very drunk lol


Yes, poor little Josie has been a real 'blessing' for both the Duggars and TLC - she has provided yet another way to create 'reality' tv's favorites of tension and drama. TLC & The Duggars are getting much mileage out of Josie's prematurity and resultant daily life of pain and trauma.

Yet we are to believe the Duggars are in the Heavenly Hall of Fame, AS IF:
-long hair and skirts,
-purity rings,
-refusing to take responsibility for limiting, within any reason, the size of one's family, and, of course,
-home schooling
are all somehow more of god's agenda than protecting Josie's dignity and privacy.

Seems misguided at best and hypocritical at worse, IMO.

Mom said...

Anonymous said:

The three favorite words JB/M use are Josie,challenging and interesting.


Let's not forget ENCOURAGING.

just.me said...

Can you imagine being a neighbor of this family in Little Rock?

An over abundance of wild, loud, uncivilized and destructive children, being parented by their sister-moms.

Add to that the white-trash horn honking that is so favored by this hick family, and you'd be pretty much ready to move. Those poor, poor neighbors.

Kitten said...

“I’d rather have a dirty house with lots of people in it rather than a clean house with no one else here. It just doesn’t make sense to me,” [Michelle] added.

This kind of statement is what makes me think Michelle is addicted to having babies, rather than actually enjoying parenting. That, along with the odd statements she makes like "When my children were younger..." as though she doesn't recognize her youngest children as hers once they are no longer babies, perhaps because she is involved so little in their day-to-day care, whereas she was the actual parent to her oldest children.

ALL children eventually grow up, and under normal circumstances, EVERY parent will some day have an empty house.

When I first saw the Duggars, I instantly thought of a family I knew years ago. They had just had their 10th child (Orthodox Catholics), and the mom made a comment something like "I only feel truly alive when there's a new baby in the house." Even then, I couldn't help wondering just what she was going to do when she couldn't have any more babies.

What will Michelle do when that day comes?

Anonymous said...

Has Michelle forgotten she has other kids at home

No, she hasn't forgotten, but she has turned them over to the older girls to raise. She simply doesn't factor in time to be with her other children. Josie is in the hospital, with round the clock care. So why couldn't Michelle at least take Jackson to a local toy store or even better, take him and several of his siblings to a fun local park for his birthday. Let the children run around for an hour, then call them over to a table and serve them each a store bought cupcake. Get some party horns and everyone blows on them. Give him a little gift that JimBob or one of the older girls went out to purchase, with instructions from mom about what to buy that Jackson would particularly like.

Then after an hour, it's over and everyone returns home. Jackson still got a special hour or two dedicated to his birthday. Josie would have been fine, and Michelle available by cell phone if anything came up.

After all, she apparently had no qualms leaving for a week-end to go to Wisconsin, leaving Josie freshly re-admitted to NICU when she was in more precarious state.

Ah I see -- when it's time for her and Jim Bob - then Michelle can take up to an entire week-end away. When it's sparing an hour or so to make a birthday boy feel special on his day - fuhgeddaboutit! It's all about priorities, and hers are royally screwed up.

She doesn't hang out at the hospital for up to 15 hours because she's worried about Josie. She does it as an excuse to be not at the house, because if she was home, she might actually look like the lazy ass she is.

mythoughtis said...

Actually, the children's noise and rambuctiousness doesn't bother me... it's one of the few times I can recognize that they are kids...instead of Stepford children.
However, I also agree that JB and Michelle do not parent their youngest children... they leave thta to the older girls. If they did actually parent them, there might be fewer new ones as they might actually be tired when they went 'night-night', and Michelle might actually tell JB "not tonight".

I really do wish Michelle would wake up and realize she has plenty of babies at home, but she likes the attention of being pregnant or being in the NICU.

Anonymous said...


The three favorite words JB/M use are Josie,challenging and interesting.


Let's not forget ENCOURAGING.


and don't forget FELLOWSHIP.

maybe it beats saying the kids are all checking each other out.

Judy said...

What's hard is when you look back on earlier episodes -- Michelle definitely spent more time with the kids, did everything with them. .it seems like right around child 15 or so, and when TLC gave them the show and finished their house, that's when I started noticing changes -- less interest in the kids, more interest in the pregnancies. More looking over the whole family rather than being in the center of all the involvement.

kitnkaboodle said...

So Yes! "white trash horn honking" Funny I would NOT want to be a neighbor; No. Hooligans, noise, destructiveness, not to mention camera crews, boom mikes, lights?? good gravy
I STILL dont' watch this "show" (rather, get info here and elsewhere) , but I know enough about them to have their number, so to speak. I think their train is , albeit slooowwwlly , derailing, and IF that woman is AGAIN pregnant, and has been told to hide that fact, well that alone has to be killing her , and her witless husband, b/c IMO they GET pregnant FOR the ATTENTION. No attention = No Payoff.
So she's either NOT pg, or, this gag order will not last. They wont' be able to withstand it. They are INcapable of discretion.

Amanda said...

What was being hauled on the big trailer and shown being loaded off the enclosed one looked liked mules, unless golf carts now have rugged wheels on them.

It was funny when JB said "I think we have ourselves a convey" I thought he isn't suppose to listen to music..Maybe he did when he was younger.

As I watched the show tonight something struck me as I saw all the kids in the same room sleeping..

My husband and I are in the process of being foster parents. Each child has to have 50 square feet of space in their room (including the bed) they have to have their own bed (they can not share a double bed) children under six are not allowed on the top bunk oh and they have to have their own space to store their stuff. I was thinking that foster kids have more privacy and space than the Duggar kids do.

Sharla said...

If you find that your comment didn't go through, please consider what you wrote. If you commented negatively about the other commenters, this is not appropriate. Comments such as thining xyz is stupid, why do you all think, it's not nice to say, etc are not being tolerant of or kind to your fellow commenters. Thank you.

~Shari~ said...

Home-School Conferences ~ aka; "Singles meet 'n' greet"....where else could you find the 'perfect match' of people who think and act only like you? Can you say 'arranged marriage?'

Anonymous said...

ok...so this is a little off topic, but an older show is on. The one where Michelle holds Josie skin to skin for the first time. Anyway she's talking about homeschooling and much her children are learning then asks Jennifer is she can show her where her mouth is then...."Oh wow! that's wonderfu,"...and on and on and on (not that she shouldn't be praising her, but)..helloooooo she's about to turn 3. My 14 month old know where his mouth is...they're really learning a lot...lol.

maynard said...

I have found that I tend to get totally irritated. Why do I care? Why did I ever watch? Why do I follow the blog? I try to remember this is not all real. Just a half hour to entertain, encourage or aggravate depending on ones viewpoint. I value my privacy too much for such a show but if they dangle the money at me who knows? I'll bet this is about over. Not very enjoyable any more. I wish them well.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what those older boys are up to all by themselves back home!?!? Hopefully living a little bit.

Mary said...


Ok everyone is blaming DQ for not doing much for duggar child's borthday. I have a question Did something happen to the spern maker? Or is his only job is to make em and them leave it to women folk to do the rest. I sure the little boy would have loved to spend the day with Dad


Celestie said...

What was being hauled on the big trailer and shown being loaded off the enclosed one looked liked mules, unless golf carts now have rugged wheels on them.

I think the golf carts were on that big gas guzzling, red truck. I think JB mentioned the trailer was carrying bikes, which have been a better form of transportation for the family, than having to haul those carts down there. And then there were several cans of green beans mentioned and 200 roles of TP. Say there were 20 Duggars, that is 10 roles apiece for a week. hmmmm.

One of the posters mentioned that the carts were probably used to haul elderly people around. We saw no evidence of that, only carts full of abled bodied Duggars.

Celestie said...

In this episode, it reran the birth of Josie and how sick Michelle was prior to medical attention. Her life was in peril for a while. Then later we see JB plant a very hungry kiss on her, before leaving for the conference. Does he not love this woman in a normal husband type of way, that her life would be important to the family and to him, or is he all about sex? I thought he was going to have his way with her right there and then. LOL

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I wonder what those older boys are up to all by themselves back home!?!? Hopefully living a little bit.

I was hoping the same thing. I hope they went to the mall, talked to some girls, surfed the 'net, watched a little TV to see that there is a real world out there, and took some "field trips" that were age appropriate- ball games, concerts etc. Doubtful but we can always hope that left to their own devices, Duggar offspring would expand their world a bit.

Jen said...

"Apparently TLC mixes up the J names

On their site http://tlc.discovery.com/tv/duggars/ on the "Meet the Duggars" they have Jana and Jessa mixed up."

TLC has fixed it. They now have the right faces with the right names.

Swissmiss said...

The recent People magazine article said Michelle was spending up to 15 hours a day at the hospital.

I wonder if Michelle might feel a lot of guilt because Michelle was so sick they had to deliver the baby prematurely. I guess we will never know if things had turned out differently if she had been able to develop at a normal pace, but we'll never know. But except for one boy born with some unspecified problem that was corrected with surgery, all her other children seemed to come into the world in robust health. Josie is one big exception, and we don't know what type of problems she faces in the long range.

Anyone else believe this idea of Michelle feeling guility? Maybe Michelle feels she has to be the perfect mother especially for her since she has so many problems.

Having said that, it was great to see the baby look the most normal yet.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where Jim Bob was as well for the birthday but maybe this was Jason's year for one on one time with his mom for his birthday.

I also wonder if it was done the way it was out of convenience for the camera crew to just have to film at the hospital.

mythoughtis said...

you have to wonder why the TLC film crew persists in filming the smooches between JB and Micehlle... at leats 4 in this episode. Hello.... we've seen this before, don't need to see it again.

Anonymous said...

"you have to wonder why the TLC film crew persists in filming the smooches between JB and Micehlle... at leats 4 in this episode. Hello.... we've seen this before, don't need to see it again."


Those obvious PDA's are so scripted. TLC, puhleeze.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that Jason is wondering why he got a toy from the hospital gift shop, yet his brother, in a previous episode, got a brand new bike, from a real bike shop????

SuzanneDeAZ said...

I do not think Jason gave a second thought why he got to shop in one place vs. his brother got a gift from a bike shop. I think the kids are raised to be grateful for what they get. I alsom think they realize that things change and not everyone gets the same. This even happens in smaller families. I came from a family of 3 and mom taught us that sometimes one gets something special and the other does not. It is jus life. Things seem to even out in the lang haul of life.

Anonymous said...


You hit the nail on the head.

Every mom I have ever known who delivered preemies has felt guilty that they had to be delivered early, and that the baby had to suffer. Michelle's wanting to be with Josie so much is perfectly normal, in my opinion.

I also think she feels partly responsible for Josie having to be readmitted, but after the MRI findings I hope that belief has been lifted from her.

The People article made it plain that this situation with Josie has challenged their marriage and their stamina. That's being honest, and I have to admire them for that. They're not pretending to be perfect.

Until you've gone through the experience of caring for a fragile, medically challenging preemie, it's not something you would fully understand. If you've avoided that experience, you are very blessed.

Anonymous said...

"you have to wonder why the TLC film crew persists in filming the smooches between JB and Micehlle... at leats 4 in this episode. Hello.... we've seen this before, don't need to see it again."

I respectfully disagree. These two people love each other with all their hearts and its one of the main themes of the family. To not show them kissing would start rumors that the pressure of a preemie is getting to them! My husband and I kiss a lot in front of our kids and its not just to kiss... Its expressing our love for each other especially in front of them to give them reassurance that we are perfectly happy. My kids have NO DOUBTS that we are in love and happy. And they roll their eyes sometimes but you can see in the way they talk when speaking of a friend with divorced parents that they are thankful for their happy family.

Anon 3:14 said...

re: the Duggar children being grateful for what they get...

There was an episode where the teen Duggar girls and Grandma Duggar went to get their nails done in a salon. Afterwards, in the interview, one of the teen girls said, "It was different".

In the episode where the Duggars were invited to be part of the Noah's Ark play, afterward in the interview chair, (can't distinguish them but it might be James? Justin? Jackson?), one of the boys said "It was WEIRD !".

Even a young child should be properly taught to use language such as "It was so nice to be thought of and I thank you very much", even if they don't like it.

"Weird" and "different" doesn't quite make it to the grateful list.

model mom said...

i think there is a real possibility Michelle may have some post partum depression. After going through this type of delivery she must feel very overwhelmed.

abbey said...

I wonder if Michelle did not go to ATI in part because of criticism of the Wisconsin trip, in part because she's truly worried about Josie, and perhaps because Josie has had a medical procedure. While JB would have wanted to stay, that would have meant cancelling the ATI trip for the children, which would deprive them of the opportunity to re-unite with old friends, and perhaps do some supervised courting.

As for her fecundity: My grandfather, born in 1895, was the oldest of 17 children, all singletons, all live births, and all of whom except one survived to adulthood--and all from the same mother. Of course, back then, the only birth control was abstinence. The children were 18 - 24 months apart. Some women are simply quite fertile, and apparently Michelle is one of those women.

Sharla said...

Responding to the nasty comment directed to me in this thread:

I am not the only moderator. We have several. We do, however, only list two of us for emails. Your comments could have been rejected by any one of the mods.

If your comments that were rejected in any way resemble what you sent to me, then they were rejected for having a nasty tone.

Many of the comments that have been rejected for being holier than thou, overbearing, or telling someone off have been pro-Duggar recently. That isn't always the case. Both sides have offended in that way.

Bottom line I am neither for or against the Duggars. Other mods are entitled to their own opinions. I will not, however, let comments that are flat out nasty or that I know to be inflammatory through. One particular commenter decided to dance on my nerves with her overbearing comments yesterday. I'm guessing she's the one who complained anonymously today.

BTW, there is no right of free speech on a blog, anonymous.

maynard said...

This is sad. I don't approve or agree so I choose not to watch just follow the blog. It is my ugly little secret. The Duggars can live as they choose. We are peeking through our shades with binoculars. I so so hope for their sake they take the money and run. The children don't deserve this. I doubt the Duggars really knew what a monster this would become. I hope Arkansas checks the child labor laws and makes sure money is locked in for the kids.

Jana fan said...

17 children might have been more de rigour back in the 1700's, when there was no birth control and large families were needed for the mostly agrarian lifestyle. Plus, while many women birthed large numbers of children, many of them did not survive infancy or childhood, and often times, the mother died in childbirth.

Times have changed, thank God. Medical advances and common sense and birth control and a more industrial lifestyle have limited the numbers of children most Western families have.

The fact that the Duggars want to live in the 1700s for some things (like their herd of children) but not others (they do love their Iphones and Ipods and other modern conveniences like front loading washers and big huge Suburbans, buses and too many golf carts) is odd. There is no reason to procreate like this, except to try to be an anomaly and make money off this idiotic television show.

The best thing in the world for the Duggars would be for the show to be cancelled. Yes, I would miss seeing it all implode (which is all will, at some point), but there is still a chance they can salvage their family, if they leave now (or are cancelled).

Anonymous said...

"My husband and I kiss a lot in front of our kids and its not just to kiss... Its expressing our love for each other especially in front of them to give them reassurance that we are perfectly happy. My kids have NO DOUBTS that we are in love and happy. And they roll their eyes sometimes but you can see in the way they talk when speaking of a friend with divorced parents that they are thankful for their happy family."

RESPONSE: My husband and I have been married for 26+ years, have 7 children. We do kiss in front of the kids at times, but it's not the all-out smooching like the Duggars. Why? Because neither of us was raised this way. For people who are supposedly so "Nike", they sure are a little psychey.

Next, having grown up in a divorced family (actually, didn't see my dad EVER again after the age of 5 as he was in a completely different country), I do NOT appreciate the little snide comment about kids who come from a divorced family NOT being happy (at least that's why your seem to infer). Thank for putting yourself out there as the epitome of happiness while kids who come from divorced homes are troubled or have a troubled home. Sounds a bit Duggarish as they also come off as judgmental about things they know nothing about.

Back to the Duggars, yes, they sure seem to want to live in the 1700's yet partake of the 21st century when they feel like it. Having watched a few snippets of their show on YouTube, it seems like that claim to fame is having procreated a lot, like people should be honored or something when they hand them their family picture. Who cares? Who goes around carrying their family picture handing it out to people? Do they think these pictures will end up on people's living room walls, coffee tables or what? For being supposedly so "modest", they appear to me to be a bit full of themselves.

Anonymous said...

I would be disappointed if the show was cancelled. There are many people out there (myself included) that see the Duggars as a true inspiration to how to raise a family and don't see any abnormalities in it. If the world raised their children like The Duggars it would have no crime and be a great place to be.

Sharla said...

Dear anonymous, please read the top of the blog carefully. No sharla.smith@hotmail.com probably doesn't work. It's because it's sharla.smith@live.com.

If you or anyone else still has questions about comments not going through, also please follow our request to include the comment(s) in question. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Re: M. Duggar's possible guilt/post partum depression, a couple thoughts:

Both seem reasonable possibilities.

I hope two things:

1) That if suffering from depression, she seeks professional help for it, rather than continue to be Pollyanna.

2) That she re-evaluates being open to another pregnancy. Hard to fathom a woman of her age and gravidity risking a similar outcome and putting yet another child through the misery poor Josie has endured and will probably be enduring for a very long time. Further, it seems obvious that Josie is likely to require special care and attention, possibly permanently, so wouldn't it be best for her mother to be unencumbered by the responsibilities of yet another newborn?

One more thought: IMO, it's not so much that the Duggars show a little physical affection towards each other - it's always nice to see any two people love one another. However, what we see on this show seems more scripted than spontaneous.

AmberRose said...

THANK YOU Sharla, Shatzie and all the other blog editors! You give your free time to maintain this blog for reading and commenting. I think the least users can do is to be reasonable and polite to you and I'm sorry this is not always the case. Thanks again.

Amanda said...

First of all I want to thank the mods for all the hard work ya'll do. I know that some of my post have been rejected and it has made me check myself and my attitude. I have always understood.

I have no doubt that JB and M loce each other. But you don't have to have PDAs all the time to show it.

I love my husband with all my heart, we do not kiss a lot in public, we don't hold hands a lot. We don't talk with sweet voices to each each other. We do call each other honey tho. People know we are married, people know that we loved each other but it's because I brag on him...he made dinner and cleaned up!!!! Or he'll say I made meatloaf just the way he likes and brags on me. It's funny because our friends tell us we make them sick we are so sweet but it's our attitude toward each other not the constant display of affection and reminding people that we are married.

Anonymous 1:24 thank you for your words..I too came from a divorced family. For people to assume that divorced kids are unhappy because of that is wrong. I would rather have my parents divorced because of the fighting that went on. We were much happier divorced. (Oddly enough my brother has been married 27 years and my sister and I have been married 16 and we all have strong happy marriages. I really don't like it when people talk in generalities and assumptions)

Anonymously Yours said...

Ditto what Amber Rose said: Thanks to all the moderators, who, on this blog at least, seem to have to be Henry Kissinger.

Anonymous said...

I wish they had stuck to the occasional specials because those are the episodes that I LOVE to go back and watch. They were so original and interesting then. Now it's just boring and scripted.

I mean how much more exciting would it be if we just saw an episode when something actually exciting was happening.. (Josh and Anna expecting again, Jana engaged, Michelle hit menopause hehe) Instead of the uber-boring.. Michelle goes to the hospital, Jim Bob smooches Michelle, Jill cooks dinner and talks about it, Jackson and Johanna are wild..

The problem is that people are demanding exciting episodes, but that is just NOT reality. So then it becomes scripted, and people get mad about that too. It's just a lose-lose situation. They need to just quit the weekly episodes. Soon.

Anonymous said...

I want to add my word of appreciation to all the mods and the blog owner, first for having the blog and allowing us to post here with a few simple rules. All of you do a great job and I'm sorry to hear if any of you are getting abused for insisting we all follow the same rules.

I happened to watch a few clips on youtube today of some of the early specials. If anyone hasn't done so in awhile, you might enjoy it for the great contrast between then and now.

Sadly, I think the Duggars have gotten caught up in being famous for having lots of children. I think JB and M really do believe in their faith, but are misguided and blind to the fact that in order to have this many children, they must require their older daughters to be the primary parents and caregivers for the younger ones.

I can only hope that Michelle used her time "alone" to really evaluate how much care Josie will need, for a very long time to come. I hope that her heart tells her that to have another child at this juncture would be selfish, and would deprive Josie of vital mothering and nurturing. I also hope she will stop, re-evaluate how out of touch she has become with her younger children, repent and re-focus.

I think JB is somewhat demanding of Michelle's attention and is rather needy of constant reassurance. Thus, he's always kissing her and she, being a wife who "keeps sweet," kisses him back. I'm not sure I've seen much of Michelle initiating these PDA moments - it's mostly JB. He needs to channel that energy into other ways to show affection.

just.me said...

I don't think Michelle is aware of how selfish she is being in popping out child after child.

I believe she considers herself to be selfless. It just goes to show you how unaware she truly is.

msrylee said...

Thanks so much to the mods. You do a fantastic job. I'm sorry you have had the negative, critical experiences with some bloggers.

Anonymous said...

"...I think JB is somewhat demanding of Michelle's attention and is rather needy of constant reassurance. Thus, he's always kissing her and she, being a wife who "keeps sweet," kisses him back. I'm not sure I've seen much of Michelle initiating these PDA moments - it's mostly JB. He needs to channel that energy into other ways to show affection."


I think you've hit the nail on the head.

I'm guessing 'real' wives in a Patriarchal family have the main goal of 'staying sweet' by going along with pretty much whatever the Patriarch thinks, says, and does.

PLUS, all the PDA's are a part of the Duggar BRAND, so, IMO, we'll continue to see it - TLC seems to think we want to believe this brand is reality.

TLC is wrong.

just.me said...

I can't help but look at JB and see him as the gawky, awkward teenager who was trying to prove he could be one of the cool kids.

By marrying the cheerleader and spawning a group of fans/children, you'd think it would be enough. But needs the whole world to know how virile and popular he is.

His insecurity and lack of intelligence continue to baffle me.

Michelle is just a sweet robot. I can't imagine a more boring individual.

shawna said...

I am positive that Michelle has the power in their relationship. Look at everything they've told us: Jim Bob felt love at first sight upon seeing Michelle, and she didn't even remember him. He was quiet and shy. She was an outgoing cheerleader that won congeniality awards. Jim Bob is constantly seeking Michelle's attention (which I think is sweet actually, although tiresome). And always wants to kiss her, hold her hand, compliment her, on and on. She never initiates the affection. I'd imagine Michelle is the one with the power in their marriage, they just "pretend" its the other way around because they believe that to be the Biblical model of a correct marriage.

Snap! said...

The moderators do a great job!!! Most of my comments get through- if one doesn't I know I crossed the line. No biggy- it's just a comment.

Keep up the good work!

just.me said...


Excellent point about Michelle holding the power.

I think she plays on JB's insecurities, but isn't even aware of it.

He "won" the prize, but he is under her control in many ways. too.

She does NOTHING except birth babies, nurse for a token time, give interviews and "rest" because she's SOOOOO tired.

Remember the ice freeze episode? She didn't want to be inconvenienced and claimed Jordyn was having trouble breathing. She stayed in the cushie hosptial as martyr-mom with her infant, while the rest of the family dealt with the problem. I believe JB spent most of the time in that nice warm hospital with all the creature comforts. as well.

You're right. Michelle is not the saint she pretends to be.

I do believe in the early years she struggled with the work. I also believe that she and JB would do everything but PAY to advertise that they needed (deserved) help. It was given, often, just like it was given to Gosselin gang. I don't believe Michelle has done much of anything in years.

Her drug of choice is being adored and admired at conferences. She will most likely be attending the event in July to stroke her ego, while leaving Josie, and the rest of the children...somewhere.

JB may have married his cheerleader, and Michelle may have played along in stroking his ego. But they're both in for a rude awakening when the adoration dies down and people start calling them on their actions.

Anonymous said...

Shawna said: I am positive that Michelle has the power in their relationship.

Interesting point ... my hubby and I say the same thing. I know he has said on at least one occasion that he leaves the decision of whether or not to have another baby up to Michelle ...


Anonymous said...

@Shawna4:34: I know what you mean about pretending the male has the power in a marriage.

I was raised to 'let the boy win' & 'let the husband THINK he's in charge'.

My mom's fave movie was one set in the 1800's where the wife acted like M. Duggar. What my mom especially enjoyed was the way the wife in this movie allowed the husband to believe he was in charge, but truth was, she controlled his every move while acting powerless and dependent.

Not saying M. Duggar manipulates. I wouldn't presume to know one way or the other.

I hate that movie my mom so loved. I hate the concept of either gender manipulating the other. IMO, relationships really are at their best when both parties are genuine and sincere with each other and refrain from mind games.

As for the Duggars, who really knows? IMO what we see on their show is unlikely to be an accurate portrayal of their real life, for good or for bad, depending upon how you want to look at it.

I do recall the episode where JB beregudingly went along with his wife to shop for the next baby, and he was not exactly making it fun for his wife by stating that 'shopping wears a guy out'. It would've been kinder to enjoy and share some of his wife's enthusiasm about looking at baby supplies. He pretty much acted like it was a real chore for him to be there, which, IMO, is less than being a great husband.

Willow #1 said...

I agree about the way JB was acting "put out" by going shopping. People are human and not always on their best behavior, but the camera was there for goodness sakes. He could have manned up and pretended to enjoy it. I am sure if they had been shopping for JB some new fishing gear or whatever, Michelle would have been expected to "ooh and ahh" and give him her undivided attention (i.e., "encouragement" LOL).

I think the posters are totally right about JB "winning the prize". That theory "fits" the best to me. I have had many theories in my head, but that is the best one yet. I am often curious about JB's comments once about Michelle having "baggage" from other boyfriends. With JB's way of thinking, that could be just about anything. I have some theories on that also but am curious what others think also.

Happy Memorial Day everyone and especially our veterans. Peace and Love.

Strangely Enough said...

I remember the shopping episode and I didn't find JimBob to be "begrudging" at all. He seemed somewhat uncomfortable in that environment, but I got the impression he was trying hard to remain jovial in a situation he felt like a fish out of water in.

Anonymously Yours said...

"...I think the posters are totally right about JB "winning the prize". That theory "fits" the best to me. I have had many theories in my head, but that is the best one yet. I am often curious about JB's comments once about Michelle having "baggage" from other boyfriends. With JB's way of thinking, that could be just about anything. I have some theories on that also but am curious what others think also.

Happy Memorial Day everyone and especially our veterans. Peace and Love.


JMO: I think 'baggage' in this context, that is, Jim Bob Duggar world, could be as minor as Michelle having had an interest in a boy or two prior to meeting JB. Perhaps she even participated in some minor kissing while on dates. Based on that whole (weird IMO) courtship mentality, this would be all JB needs to state his wife brought 'baggage' into their marriage.

IMO, he does a disservice to his wife by even thinking such a thing, muchless discussing it on camera.

My guess is that JBD would prefer that Michelle had zero contact of any kind with ANY male in her whole entire life except HIM. Seems highly immature to me, but that's JMO.

Thanks, and happy Memorial Day to you and everyone else as well, and I'm with you thanking the veterans.

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the shopping episode but remember reading others discuss it, and some who mentioned that it seemed Michelle was very happy to be able to buy some nice new baby things (for a change) while JB may still have been less than excited about the price tag.

My question is why did JimBob need to go along on the trip anyway. If he isn't interested in shopping for baby clothes, a new crib, whatever, then why not stay at home with the children and let his wife enjoy her shopping time without having to hear any of his comments or see that he was growing bored? I used to let my husband come along shopping with me, but now I much prefer he go off and do something else, so I can enjoy the experience. I know how much I can spend and can stick within a budget without his being right beside me.

As to Michelle's "baggage" from past romantic relationships - didn't JB marry her when she was only 17? So come on - how much past baggage could she have. She was not a wild girl by any accounts I've ever heard. Yes, she was a cheerleader, and yes she worked at a yogurt store part time to earn money. She was pretty, and I'm sure she dated a boy or two before she met the incredibly awkward and rather socially inept JimBob. Yes, he's pretty darn lucky she took notice of him eventually and liked him back.

But after 25 years, you'd think that would be water under the bridge. So what if she dated a boy or two, maybe even necked a little, broke a heart or had hers broken? That's called life, it's something most of us experience in the normal course of things, and that in turn shapes us and helps us emphathize with others going through the same thing. It's not something to be avoided at all costs. Anyway, I think JB probably had no other girlfriend but Michelle and he's so possessive of her, that even those minor dalliances probably bothered (still bother?) him when he thinks about it.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Jimbob does not feel secure with his cheerleader, hence constantly "trying" and needing to prive their love with all the PDA, verbal reinforcement, etc.

I also find him to be a big kid, e.g. the way the throws himself into activities like all the camo-hiding during the mountain climb episode.

He's so busy enjoying the moment himself that he doesn't really monitor the children's progress, risks, activities, etc because he's too busy hiding under the leaves, netting and rocks.

It would feel way too confing and hard to have to humor a man strangled every moment by his insecurities and secret belief that he's not good enough, uncool, etc.

So I guess he thinks his visible virility and being the envy of other men who want a submissive wife who never seems to say no to making whoopie makes him feel like he's ten feet tall....

Anonymous said...

I agree that Michelle is in charge. And my husband will tell you its the tip of a successful marriage. He says frequently "If momma ain't happy ain't nobody happy". Lol yes that is a direct quote and yes we are from the south. When someone asks him a tip for a successful marriage, he will say learn to say "yes maam". I truly think that JB and M are that much in love. He would do anything to make and keep her happy. Even having 19 kids. Because I think he enjoys them and I think he's a great dad but I think Michelle really wants those babies. I am so impressed with the way JB parents. He's always holding a little one, teaching the middle ones and appreciating the older ones. He constantly says that the older boys help him a lot with the property repairs and car work etc and I've heard him be appreciative a lot of the older girls taking care of him and the family.

Anonymous said...

In regard to the children of divorced parent not being happy....

I have been married for 16 years and I've experienced similar conversations with my kids regarding insecurity about parent getting divorced. And the insecurity isn't that their friends from divorced families are unhappy, its that they are just afraid in general. Yes most kids are happy but it is an adjustment when it happens and when they hear stories about others parents fighting and putting them in the middle etc etc it freaks them out! The kids are definitely innocent in all of it but for some reason even though I am happily married I still get questions. If we have a small fight I get "what would happen to us if you and dad got a divorce?". Its just something else the kids struggle with whether their parents are divorced or happily married or unhappily married. Unfornately its one of the many things kids and teenagers are faced with. There are plenty of kids that are happy from both types or families and plenty of kids that are miserable from both types of families.

Anonymous said...

Yea, the kissing reminds of somthing we see in old movies. We just need her foot to pop. lol

I think Michelle is very happy with her marrige, her husband etc. She is always saying how wonderful he is etc.

I dont think Anna is as happy, when Josh talks she has a look on her face like "just shut up, josh" or "let me talk for once. I hope im just reading things wrong and that she is happy with Joshie Bo.

Annie said...

Michelle, as a cheerleader, was actively drawing attention to herself in high school. I'm guessing she was popular and had more than her share of admirers.

Compare that to JB's high school years. He was the guy who was jealous of his male friends who were kissing girls, among other things. No one would kiss him, so he remained pure. More of a failure than an accomplishment.

He's STILL aware of the fact that he was the gawky loser who married the cheerleader. That's why he needs to cast shame and question his wife about her "baggage" from those early years.

That man would LOVE to have some baggage/memories from HIS youth!