Duggars in a Cult?

Jezebel thinks so.


Nancy said...

No wonder Michelle can't mother her kids: she spends all day on those hair rules. I have a shoulder-length long-layered bob that takes me maybe 5 minutes to dry/style, tops. Right now it's about the color of Jana's hair, but in winter, I darken it a bit, more like Jill's. I used to have two distinct colors, sometimes 3 if I put in a flash of color, including green. Who knew I was doing it wrong all these years. /eyeroll

Jamie Lee Curtis made a great statement about parenting that flies in the face of keeping your kids isolated so they stay on the reservation. She actually opposes the Duggar POV, emphatically stating that the role of parents is to ultimately prepare kids to SEPARATE from them. One does this by allowing kids to test themselves, and sometimes that means trying stuff that parents wouldn't do themselves.

Thanks, Jezebel, for exposing these people for what they are doing to their children (and young adults still at home). We can see how Josh started to "act out" once he got his own wife and could make his own rules. Food, TV, an attitude of entitlement rather than gratitude that he should have as a "Christian." I put that in quotes because his brand of "Christianity" is not recognizable to mainstream Christians, including my husband, with whom I've watched this family interact. I predict Josh will shed a lot of his pompous demeanor the minute the show is canceled and he can't find a way to get his face in front of a camera. He'll also become far more mainstream in his lifestyle for his own survival.For now, he's earned his nickname in spades.

I can't believe people still fall for the Duggars' act, but admit that after crafting it for 20-ish years, they have all the rebuttals down, cold. Jill "correcting" Jinger in the "city, please" scene is proof that the indoctrination has taken in some of them. That people think the Duggars are an example of faith, rather than followers of a man who makes rules that aren't even in the Bible, boggles me.

Flower Child said...

I agree. The Duggars strip or deny their children any type of individuality. Their names are alike, their dress, they have no personal space or things. They are one uniform mass of humanity. There is no questioning or thinking for ones'self allowed. To question the authorities is blasphamous. These are hallmarks of a cult to erase the individual, because you can't exist without each other. These people are spiritually abused to think that this is the only way to live or face hell. Its a life of fear. The Duggars are like the Pharisees and Sadusees of the Bible creating manmade laws to glorify themselves and not God. They've have made an idol of their own self righteousness. So yes I think the Duggars are in a cult.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised last week at the darker tone the older girls took in their interview. They seemed more - can I say it? - sinister when they spoke. That may be too much, but they were definitely...harder with their speech. One thing I would add to the article is that cults tend to focus around a leader. Examples are the Moonies with Rev. Moon and Jim Jones. While I don't think Bill Gothard is Jim Jones, he does seem to be quoted as often as Scripture. I went through Gothard's Basic and Advanced seminars 20+ years ago. The Basic seminar provides lessons many would agree with. The Advanced goes off into Weirdville, which is why I threw my Gothard stuff away. So far, I think I like the Bates family better, as the kids don't seem so indoctrinated.

Stephanie said...

There was something very strange, guarded, yet rehearsed during the big girls interview last week. First things first, Joy was to be quiet because she wasn't prepared like the others. Jinger said the "city" and Jill did pop in really fast with her follow up "or God wants you to be content to live in the sticks" I don't know how to explain it.
As a bitter 42 year woman myself who's parents were like the Duggars as far as education, I could not support myself if I was single or support my 3 kids. I am angry about it and how foolish I was. These girls may realize it one day.
Is it true that one of them could be gay?
I want to read more about the hairstyle and clothing rules. I found it once and thought it was incredible. I am not sure where it is

Willow said...

My internet explorer will not let me go to this website. I tried every way I could think of to get around it. Could someone tell just a little bit about what Michelle's hair rules are? That is so fascinating. I always thought they were a cult if they followed a man (just like all the other cults we can think of without mentioning). It is so sad. Anyway, thanks for any clues about what the Jezebel thing says.

Patrice said...

I would have to agree that the Duggars do fall into most or all of the categories of what defines a cult. The sad thing is that in some cults, there is a caring outside friend or relative that can sometimes break in and rescue their family member from the cult. I can't see this happening with the Duggars. Jim Boob's family is making money off the craziness and Michelle's family seems to be afraid of jumping in and saying anything.I think if Michelle was my sibling and I saw what was happening to my nieces and nephews I would do everything in my power to get some of them out of there- at least when they turned 18.
The way it is now, those kids are somehow led to believe that their lifestyle is superior to "Other People's". But that is what Jim Jones's followers thought too right before they drank the Kool-Aid.

Judy said...

In more than one episode, Michelle describes the girls as all virtually the same and the boys as all virtually the same. I don't really think she knows they have individual personalities, which sort of goes along with this theory.

tulip said...

I think the "hair rules" have something to do with keeping yourself feminine (true to the gender role), as well as keeping yourself attractive to your husband, which apparently means, according to Michelle, or Gothard-or whoever, women should keep their hair long. Also, I remember reading somewhere that 'Gothard says...' that WAVY hair is most attractive to men-what?? Right, not too straight and not too curly. Ewww...especially from this guy who's NOT (and never has been) married! Maybe that's why they're always perming their hair or using all the curling irons. There's also something about keeping your hairstyle the same as when your husband met you-I think Michelle was the one who actually said this at one of her speaking engagements. And as we've even heard the Duggar daughters say, "our dad likes long hair"-just plain kooky.

Seriously? said...

Is this even a question?

IMO Gothardism is right up their with Scientology - its members seem equally odd. It is the simpletons like the Duggars who seem to need to find someone, anyone, that will preach that Life is one neat, tidy, TIGHT little package with all boundaries clearly defined as black vs. white. So much easier to shut down your mind (assuming these folks have a functioning one) and just not have to grapple with the stickier (but real) aspects of real life. Just put on that JOYous countenance, repeat your 'thou shalt not's' over and over and over again and voila! You are heaven-bound.

It's pathetic.

Nancy said...

Had the article actually tied the Duggars' home "cult" to Gothard's larger one, the article would have had a lot more gravitas.

The "Hair Rules"
Your Hairstyle Should Show Your -
a. Femininity vs. Masculinity
b. Contentment vs. Frustration
c. Neatness vs. Carelessness
d. Submission vs. Pride
e. Diligence vs. Weariness
f. Softness vs. Hardness
g. Self-acceptance vs. Self-rejection
h. Obedience vs. Defiance
i. Patience vs. Impatience
j. Personal organization vs. Disorganization
k. Personal discipline vs. Inconsistency

FWIW, the this vs. that section are part of Gothard's "49 Character Qualities" twisted to apply to hair. It's not bad enough that he misapplies Bible verses to apply them to life, making it impossible for these people to live, but HAIR? Good lord.

I wanted to source Gothard here in case some of the readership isn't familiar with the nuts and bolts of the over-hyped "Character Qualities." The list is easily google-able.

Jac&Jil said...

Seriously said, "IMO Gothardism is right up their with Scientology."

I couldn't agree more, especially with what they have been saying about Tom Cruise finding a wife. It's different but in some respects the name as Jim Bob finding a suitable mate for his daughter to court. And if Gothard is a cult, how long do you think it will be before one of the major networks tells the "inside story" told by disgruntled former members, much like former Scientology members. I keep hoping that day will come soon.

Porcupine Pie said...

Wow, I guess I was a crappy wife when I went through chemo 9 years ago and was as bald as a cue ball! My husband loves me and not my hair, we are both thankful to God that I am still here. All those rules seem so shallow.

Just by sheer numbers, someone in that house will be diagnosed with cancer, and they put so much value in their precious hair. Losing their hair might put them over the edge.

Here is my list for a happy husband~

1- Food
2- Sex
3- Sports

(not necessarily in that order :P)

londonbridges said...

I believed from the start of their show, oops 'ministry', that the Duggars were and are in a cult. The old saying that the proof is in the pudding is accurate IMHO. Excellent explanation of the word 'cult'.

Willow said...

Excellent comments by everyone and thanks for the info on hair. It is so absurd it is just unbelievable. I am just guessing, but I think God would be happier if they spent all that time and effort on helping people in REAL need, etc. You all know what I mean. Shallow hardly covers it. So sad as I thought some of the girls who tried straight hair looked nice, for a change. Hope they don't have to give that up. It is such as shame that the parents of these families are SO insecure. Mr. Gothard is pathetic, but not as pathetic as those who follow him. JMO, with all due respect.

And yes, the girls came off so "holier than thou" - except for Joy and Jana, who did not even speak. Poor Joy.

Anonymous said...

Nancy, there was a story in the Gothard books about a woman who had "lovely" hair, but lost it due seemingly to pride. I think it's alopecia. They have an answer for everything!

Amber said...

while i was reading this about needs of a husband

it sounds much more like 50 Shades of Gray, than a normal healthy relationship.
I have my own life and so does my husband if I were glued to him like Michelle is to Jim Bob I would lose my mind.

Nancy said...

Nancy, there was a story in the Gothard books about a woman who had "lovely" hair, but lost it due seemingly to pride. I think it's alopecia. They have an answer for everything!


Don' I know it! I just read that Gothard considers women who get breast cancer "bad wives" who are basically getting what they deserve.

Of course, I haven't heard a peep about men who get prostate cancer. I expect nothing less from that misogynistic turd of a man.

Seriously? said...

I love that this article is by "JEZEBEL".

What a perfectly hilarious name for the J20 edition (are we counting Caleb and Jubilee these days in the Duggar math?)! It's even a 'strong BIBLICAL' name!!!

Rudy Tecat said...

I went to Gothard's website...he has a section on what he believes. #2 is that the Bible is to be taken literally...and he provides Bible verses to prove it. Circular thinking! Isn't there any other way of proving this? Science,perhaps? I guess not.

Seriously? said...

re: Gothard and taking the bible literally: By whose interpretation are we to take this literal translation, since even Christian sects are unable to agree upon biblical interpretation.

Laughable, all of it.

sarah taylor said...

Willow said...
the girls came off so "holier than thou" - except for Joy and Jana, who did not even speak. Poor Joy

> I'm really concerned for Jana. Something is not right with her this season. I'm concerned something may have happenned of camera to her.

Seriously? said..

What a perfectly hilarious name for the J20 edition (are we counting Caleb and Jubilee these days in the Duggar math?)!

> I don't think we need to start counting Caleb and Jubilee until we know for sure if the Bates are having any more. Once there is a final answer err... number for the Bates then I think we will know for sure to count Caleb and Jubilee or not.